Why starting an e-commerce business in Dubai is the next big thing

Online shopping is a booming sector amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. As per studies, UAE has the most-advanced e-commerce market in the Middle East. E-commerce businesses in Dubai are currently experiencing a huge surge because of various lockdown restrictions. The temporary closure of shopping malls and other essential items have left customers online. Online shopping allows people to shop from the comfort and safety of their homes. Getting their products delivered at doorstep would be hassle-free and convenient. 

Ecommerce business in Dubai is opening up countless opportunities for entrepreneurs. Since the world is stuck with the Covid-19 pandemic; people spend more time to browse the internet and shop at leisure! It’s the best time to reach highly-engaged online audience with your e-commerce ideas. 

Why to consider an e-commerce business setup in UAE?

Dubai is blessed with remarkable business opportunities. UAE has easy access to markets of three continents and several free zones, making it the prime spot to set up an online business. 

  • Ecommerce business in Dubai has a global tech-platform

Technology serves as a dominant sector in the Middle East. The government of emirates supports business owners with numerous steps to uplift and infuse technology. This turns out to be a great opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Additionally, UAE has separate free zones to deal with tech start-ups. 

  • Mass Audience

UAE’s population is increasing at a rapid speed and it demands more tech-friendly services. In such a scenario, starting an ecommerce business in Dubai turns out to be a feasible option where you can capture a group of shopping audiences with the help of a strong online presence. Get more customers while presenting your business online rather than a fixed location. 

  • Easy company formation

UAE is an industrial hub and so, when it comes to the company formation process, business owners don’t have to face any difficulties! The country has easy proceedings for business setup and aims to attract foreign investors, who are looking forward to start their establishments. Starting an ecommerce business in Dubai is easy with the help of local sponsorships or other means, if the entire process is carried out with the help of business experts. 

  • Easy licensing procedure

License is essential for the smooth beginning of a company. Licensing procedure is easy for any business setup in Dubai. Business owners can choose either a free zone or non-free zone to begin with their business enterprise. There are plenty of benefits while choosing a free-zone; it includes 0%income tax, 0% corporate tax, 100% repatriation of business profits, and negligible custom duties. The availability of multiple free zones allows entrepreneurs to set-up an e-commerce business in Dubai according to their interests. 

  • Shopping trends in UAE

Online shopping has grown over the past decades. It’s essential to get started with the trending shopping ideas. Some of the ecommerce business ideas include, fashion and jewellery, home products and accessories, online grocery, online learning platforms, Vape hardware, flavours and liquids, Apps, and others. This shows potential growth for local companies and people who would like to start an ecommerce business in Dubai. 
UAE is popular for its geo-strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and top-tier services. Almost, 90% of the UAE population has access to the internet and prefers online shopping. Starting an ecommerce business in Dubai is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who look for a broad audience and huge profits! Invest in profitable ventures and reap infinite profits!

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