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Financial Feasibility

Financial Feasibility | A & A Associate

Before investing in a new project or a business start-up, one must do an in-depth feasibility study. A feasibility report analyzes the pros and cons of the project and plays a vital role in decision making. It reports whether the project is going to be an impending failure or will benefit you in the long run.

In order to get a practical assessment of the project you can outsource the feasibility study to one of the most competent firms in the market – A&A Associates. We will determine the net present value (NPV) of the investment on the basis of elaborate market research. The net present value measures the present value of the total economic benefits you are going to receive from the said investment in the future. It will help you decide whether an investment is worth your time and money or not.

Pros of outsourcing financial feasibility to A&A Associates:

  • We will give an elaborate insight and understanding of the project and its feasibility.
  • An accurate feasibility report assists in avoiding financial losses.
  • No need to purchase expensive technical equipments and tools for a thorough research.
  • No self-interest or self-review threats imposed through internal researches who might churn out a biased report.
  • Due to years of experience and practice in various industries we can turn in a feasibility study quickly than an internal researcher.
  • Eliminate any future inefficiencies and losses.

In order to gain benefits of the above listed pros you can hire our dedicated team who can provide you the following services regarding financial feasibility:

  • Business objectives – We will identify your business goals and objective and analyze the report on the basis of the given aims.
  • Diversity – Our team will recognize and suggest various different alternatives to achieve your goals regarding the particular investment like better loan terms or discount deals.
  • Cost factor analysis – A thorough research will be performed to identify and calculate the total costs that will be incurred for the business change or investment. All the factors such as purchase price, interest rates, lease expenses or any other relevant expense will be included.
  • Capital budgeting – An NPV analysis would be performed on the expected investment. We will estimate the total cash inflows and outflows regarding the project for a specific period of time. This future cash flow will be discounted to its present value and the net cash flow (cash inflow – cash outflow) is referred to as the net present value of the project. A positive NPV indicates a profitable investment whereas a negative NPV indicates an investment that will incur losses in the long term.

Calculation of IRR (internal rate of return) and other relevant computations will also be performed.

  • Improve your business plan – Our team will suggest strategies and tactics to churn out maximum profits from the investment.
  • Advisory services – Get professional advice from our team regarding specific steps needed to be taken for the implementation of such investment. We will correct and rectify any decisions that might not be in your best interests and also guide you legally.