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VAT Consultants

VAT consultants in UAE

VAT was introduced in UAE on 1st January 2018 with a standard rate of 5%. The UAE government provides citizens and residents with plenty of different public services. VAT provides a continued provision of high-quality public services for the future.

VAT consultants in Dubai allows businesses to carefully document their income costs and VAT charges associated with it. The imposition of VAT would have great impact on the business functions reducing risk and complexity of the transactions.

VAT Consultants in Dubai

It becomes difficult for tax payers to meet the tax compliance, but with the help of professional tax consultants in Dubai, we provide continuous support to tax payers by adopting proper tax procedures and VAT compliance. We analyze your business transactions and solve any kind of tax disputes.

A & A associates – VAT consultancy services in Dubai

We serve as one of the leading VAT consultants in UAE providing the best services in all aspects of VAT. This include,

  • VAT advisory services – We offer relevant advisory services according to the industry needs and find suitable solutions for it. Our professionals guide you through taxability of transactions and its impact.
  • VAT return filing services – We support clients on filing the VAT return form 201. We ensure necessary guidance to reconcile input VAT and output VAT. Our services ensure computation of tax liability and check whether information comply with VAT law or other regulations.
  • VAT registration – Being one of the best VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE, our tax audit refers to independent examination of account books and various tax records. We ensure proper compliance of tax laws and curb the illicit tax practices in the economy.
  • VAT deregistration – We assist in providing effective VAT deregistration services within the given timeframe. We make sure that cancellation of tax registration process is carried out smoothly.
  • VAT training – We serve as one of the top VAT consultants in UAE providing customized and tailored training services to individuals or corporate on VAT laws and regulations. Our tax experts handle all the procedures on VAT and make it easy for our clients.
  • VAT transaction advisory – VAT transaction services guide your business with regard to specific industry transactions. It’s a great option for companies with complex transactions, branches, and products. Our VAT consultancy services in Dubai are up-to-date with recent developments on VAT laws.

Why companies need a VAT consultant?

  • Best VAT consultants in Dubai have remarkable knowledge in laws and regulations
  • Accurate VAT submission
  • VAT consultants minimize the time required for analysis and assessment
  • Reduce risk by finding the best alternatives to decrease the possible dangers related to VAT.

Whether free zone companies have any separate treatment on VAT laws?

FTA has issue a set of designated zones and these free zones follow some special provisions. This designated zone has special treatment for supply of goods. For example, supply of goods within this designated zone will be treated as ‘no VAT applicable’. But, services supplied by this designated zone are in same line as mainland companies. They follow the same rules as applicable for the mainland company; these companies are normally taxed at 5% or zero-rated.

Why choose us?

  • Unique VAT services in UAE – Being a leading VAT consultant in UAE, we ensure full support in terms of VAT from advisory to reconsideration support. Equipped with complete language support, whether your VAT is simple or complicated, we ensure minimal business disruption.
  • Comply with all VAT laws – Being a customer-focused organization, our VAT consultants take care of all the accounting and compliance concerns. This helps business owners to focus on their core operations and other business promotion.
  • Expert handling of VAT processes – Being one of the best VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE, we ensure hassle-free VAT process starting from VAT registration to any compliance issues. We simplify the process by reducing risk, calculating profit margin and every other aspect of VAT services.

A & A associates provide one of the best VAT consultancy services in Dubai seeking guidance from expert VAT consultants. Our qualified team is equipped with in-depth knowledge about the rules and regulations of VAT laws.

We use the best tools to automate your VAT compliance process and make it as transparent as possible. Join the team of best VAT consultants in Dubai; achieve ease of work with great professionalism!