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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Why Dubai Mainland is Perfect for Your Business? A&A Associate LLC Explains:
A&A Associate LLC makes starting your Dubai mainland company formation easy. Let's make your business dreams come true!
The DHA (Dubai Health Authority) license is a professional permit that healthcare practitioners must obtain to practice in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The license is issued by the DHA and is mandatory for all healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health professionals. The application process involves meeting certain educational, professional, and language proficiency requirements, as well as passing a qualifying exam. The DHA license must be renewed periodically to remain valid.
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The KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) license is a professional permit that educators in Dubai must obtain to work in private schools and educational institutions. The license is issued by the KHDA and is mandatory for all teachers, principals, and administrators. The application process involves meeting certain educational and professional requirements, as well as passing a qualifying exam. The KHDA license must be renewed periodically to remain valid.
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The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) license is a professional permit required for individuals who wish to work as drivers of taxis, buses, or other commercial vehicles in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The license is issued by the RTA and is mandatory for all drivers of public transport vehicles. The application process involves meeting certain age, health, and language proficiency requirements, as well as passing a qualifying exam. The RTA license must be renewed periodically to remain valid.
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The Ministry of Economy license is a legal permit issued by the UAE government that allows individuals and businesses to operate commercial activities within the country. This license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and is required for all types of commercial activities, including trading, manufacturing, and service-based businesses. The Ministry of Economy license is essential for conducting business in the UAE and is subject to various regulations and requirements set forth by the government.
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The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) is responsible for regulating the security industry in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It issues licenses to security companies, consultants, and professionals who provide security services in the UAE. The Dubai Police also plays a role in regulating the security industry and may require companies and individuals to obtain a license from SIRA as a prerequisite for obtaining a Dubai Police license. Having a SIRA license is mandatory for all security companies and professionals operating in Dubai.
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Steps to set up a new business in the UAE Mainland

We have many years of experience in establishing many different types, sizes, and structures of Trading Consulting & 100% expat owned companies on the UAE mainland. Complementing this vast experience is our skilled and specialised expertise in different aspects of local mainland company formation. Our dedicated team of lawyers, chartered accountants, consultants and others work diligently to ensure that every step is perfect, on the path to success. For all your queries relating to mainland company setup in Dubai, please get in touch with us.

This combination of experience and expertise allows you to be fully at ease, and feel extremely confident as we help set up your LLC Business in the UAE. Hundreds of individuals and institutions from around the world rely on us to procure new business licences, rent office space, earn legal residence and start a successful new life in this country. You are invited to join their distinguished ranks.

LLC Company formation on the UAE’s mainland is a systematic process with timely steps that are largely linked to each other. Understanding the basics will present offers a clear view of the big picture.

Select business activity

Our specialists, who are experts when it comes to mainland company set up in Dubai, will advise you on the specific business activity or multiple business activities that are able to meet both, your current requirements and your future plans. They will guide you towards the jurisdiction which best suits your chosen activities, and present cost-effective options that match your budget.

Getting a professional mainland license Dubai is easier. We also offer package deals for start-ups located anywhere in the UAE, such as Commercial Trading License / Consultancy license / E-commerce license / Real Estate / Manufacturing License in Dubai.

Finalise company structure

The most common route to Setup a mainland business in the UAE is the safe and trusted vehicle of the Limited Liability Company (LLC), but there are other options too.

Our lawyers and professional management consultants undertake feasibility studies, due diligence, and corporate structuring/restructuring to help you set up the ideal company on UAE’s mainland:

Register trade name for your Dubai mainland business

The trade name of your new business must reflect your chosen activity, and it must get approved by the authorities before formal usage. Approval is subject to the trade name not already being in use by someone else, or it being previously registered. Further, the trade name must not offend public morals or the public order of the UAE.

You can check the availability of trade names on the websites of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in every emirate except Fujairah, where it is listed on Fujairah Municipality’s Rukhsati app. Licenced trade names can also be found on the UAE Ministry of Economy Unified Commercial Registration System, and the National Economic Register.

Alternatively, you can shortlist trade names that reflect the nature of your business, and our team will check its availability and secure its registration. When approved, the trade name will be followed by the acronym of your legal structure, ex: LLC, PLC or PJSC.

Get required approvals and your mainland license in Dubai

We will assign you a company formation specialist who will do all the paperwork and complete all the processes to get you the Initial Approval. This early approval is a prerequisite for almost all ensuing steps towards setting up a business on the UAE mainland.

Thereafter, based on your chosen business activity, there may be other government approvals and translations of such approvals, and various attestations and notarisations. Carefully timed and co-ordinated, these steps will lead towards collection of the final approval – your mainland license Dubai.

Confirm workspace

You may have a preference about where your new office needs to be located, but if you are unsure or are new to the UAE, our real estate consultants will offer their assistance with finding, confirming, and leasing or buying work premises.

There are multiple choices for new business set up in the UAE’s mainland, each catering to specific needs and budgets:

workspace for mainland company formation in Dubai

Comply with labour rules

If you do not wish to take up the process of procuring visas yourself, our immigration teams will handle everything on your behalf: opening an official governmental file, processing your Establishment Card, applying for the required number of employment and/or residence visas for members of staff and family. This also includes the verification, translation and attestation of various documents.

Open bank account

Opening a corporate bank account is an integral part of mainland license Dubai. Businesses are legally required to separate personal and professional funds.

The UAE offers numerous choices, from prestigious international banks, well-established local banks and digital-only banks. Each offers distinct advantages to entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, or large foreign corporations.

Our teams will lend you their expertise at making the right decision, and completing required documentation.

Seek professional support for Dubai mainland company formation

Often, mainland company setup in Dubai can be overwhelming affair, to start operations immediately without a network of alliances and partnerships in place.

We provide full-fledged assistance with all aspects of company incorporation, and we then follow it up with professional support for those who require it. Our fast-growing teams propose and deliver innovative solutions that meet the demands of commerce, and the many challenges of business.
We also handle legal, auditing, accounting and management consultancy portfolios for several successful businesses in the UAE. Options range from urgent one-time projects to planned long-term contracts:


Audit and assurance



CFO services

PRO services

Corporate finance

VAT, ESR, and IFRS advisories

Risk assurance and management

Mergers and acquisitions

Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai

MainlandCompany Setup

mainland business setup in Dubai
investor visa


Company Registration in Dubai Free Zone

Work Visa
for your team

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Residence Permits
for your family

licence renewal procedures

& Documentation

labour cards


immigration cards


NOCS form concerned authorities

Approvals from

licence documentation

Renewal of
Business License

Benefits of Setting Up a Company on the Mainland

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World-class infrastructure for just every aspect of your business

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Unrestricted flexibility to scale up or down, depending on business needs

Benefit Icon

Stable business climate and regulatory framework

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Ability to operate in both local and international markets at the same time

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Ease of doing business, simplified by international conferences and trade expos

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Presence of major banks and audit services to fuel your growth.

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Freedom to choose the location of your office

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Access to a truly global pool of talent from around the world

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We can provide free qualified guidance to help get you started with your business needs.
  • Business Activity Selection: Define your business activities accurately, as they determine your company’s legal structure and licensing requirements. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) offers a comprehensive list of permitted activities to choose from.
  • Legal Structure: Select an appropriate legal structure for your business. Options include Sole Establishment, Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Public/Private Joint Stock Company. Each structure has distinct ownership and liability regulations.
  • Local Sponsorship: For most business activities, having a local Emirati sponsor or partner is mandatory. They will hold a minority share (51%) in the company, ensuring compliance with UAE law.
  • Trade Name Approval: Choosing a unique and relevant trade name is crucial. The proposed name must be in line with your business activity and should be approved by the DED.
  • Business Plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining your company’s objectives, target market, financial projections, and growth strategies. This plan is essential for obtaining approvals and financial support.
  • Physical Address: Secure a physical address for your business operations. This can be a commercial office space or a flexi-desk arrangement in an authorized business center.
  • Initial Capital: Depending on your business activity and structure, you’ll need to demonstrate a certain level of capital investment. This capital requirement varies across different sectors.
  • Application Form: A completed application form provided by the DED, containing details of shareholders, activities, and the selected legal structure.
  • Passport Copies: Copies of passports for all shareholders and managers involved in the company. Passport copies must be notarized and authenticated.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): If you’re employed elsewhere in the UAE, you’ll need a NOC from your current employer to start a new business.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA): For LLCs, a MOA outlining the company’s activities, capital, profit distribution, and management structure is required. This document must be notarized.
  • Local Sponsor Agreement: A legal agreement with your local sponsor, detailing the profit-sharing, roles, and responsibilities. This agreement is notarized and signed before a notary public.
  • Tenancy Contract: A copy of your company’s tenancy contract for the physical address. This should comply with the Ejari system, Dubai’s real estate regulatory platform.
  • Bank Reference Letter: Obtain a bank reference letter for all shareholders, demonstrating their financial credibility.

Why Us?

Trust A&A Associate LLC for a seamless Dubai mainland business setup that reflects your business aspirations.

Customised Solutions​
Customised Solutions

Our experts understand that each business is unique. We tailor solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring your Dubai mainland license aligns perfectly with your vision.

Experienced Consultants​
Experienced Consultants

With years of experience, our business setup consultants in Dubai navigate the complexities of Dubai's regulatory landscape flawlessly. Benefit from their insights to smoothly establish your business.

Hassle-Free Procedure​
Hassle-Free Procedure

We take the stress out of setup. Our streamlined process minimizes paperwork and bureaucratic hurdles, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the intricacies.

Multiple Payment Options​
Multiple Payment Options

We offer flexibility to match your financial preferences. Choose from a range of payment options designed to accommodate your budget.


Mainland company formation in Dubai means a business setup in the onshore region, registered after approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
The mainland Dubai license is a trade license provided by DED, and there are no restrictions on commercial activities in the mainland area.

We facilitate commercial, professional, and industrial licenses, tailored to your specific activities and business needs

Duration varies based on license type and circumstances, but our experts ensure an efficient process.

Starting from June 2023, only branches of foreign banks and oil-related businesses will have to pay a corporate tax. The tax imposed varies according to the sector.

While certain activities may require local partners, legal structures often allow you to maintain majority control.

Ideal for freelancers, consultants, and service providers, a professional license offers 100% ownership and flexibility.

Certainly. Our team expertly guides you through the necessary paperwork for compliant business setup in Dubai mainland.

Yes, with our assistance, you can adapt your license to changing business needs to ensure continued success.

Business setup in Dubai mainland is not an easy task. Several documentations and approvals are required for obtaining a business license. A&A Associates can fasten up the process as it has affiliations with the Dubai government and its entities.

We facilitate commercial, professional, and industrial licenses, tailored to your specific activities and business needs.

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