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Unique advantages of UAE free zone company formation

When individuals and institutions weigh the options for new company set up in the UAE Free Zone, one aspect firmly tilts the balance in favour – free zones.

Choosing a free zone can depend on many factors: the nature and type of business, the size, flexibility and availability of office space, location and pricing. But the decision to set up business in UAE free zone should be simple enough.

Winning formula

The UAE was the first country in the Middle East to establish the concept of the free zone in 1985, with the launch of Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA). Although it was a small operation catering only to a handful of companies, it became the first free zone in the world to be awarded ISO certification within 10 years.

The JAFZA success story became the foundation for several free zones across the country, each offering strategic benefits and business advantages. These free zones are collectively home to many thousands of individuals and institutions who have been successful at new business set up in UAE.

Today, there are roughly 50 free zones in the country catering to specialised sectors including but not limited to: trade, industry, energy and renewable energy, exports and re-exports, media and media communications, metals and commodities, finance, healthcare, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Unique features

Incorporating the principles and international best practices of free trade, free zones help stimulate trade and investment, and facilitate the transfer of skills, knowledge and technology. A unique offering is the easy access to more than 2 billion consumers in multiple markets located within a 4 hour flight.

The staggering number of international firms located at the UAE’s free zones are proof of this.

Those who are interested in Business setup services in Dubai UAE Free Zone stand to benefit in many ways, anywhere in the country.

For instance, when Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF) saw that the prospect of lengthy, bureaucratic procedures was daunting to potential investors, the authorities launched a 24-hour licensing service which enables new entrants to set up a business in the UAE almost instantly. Also in Sharjah, the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) offers huge industrial and commercial plots running into several thousand square feet, and infrastructure specifically designed to facilitate import and re-export.

In the capital, Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD), a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports, recently announced a UAE free zone business set-up cost to support entrepreneurs, costing an extremely affordable USD 2,500.

Low Cost Business set up in Dubai’s free zones is simple, easy and quick.

Better business

The basic premise of a free zone is that it makes it much easier for businesses to conduct business. Setting up new business in UAE or getting a trade license can sound like a long and complicated process, but it is not. Paperwork is simplified, efforts are minimised, and everything is designed to attract international investors and help them build up their business.

The wide and varied choice of free zones comes with 100% foreign ownership, with no requirements for local sponsors or service agents. Business owners can also enjoy 100% repatriation of revenues and profits, and 100% transfer of funds.

More importantly, there is a time-bound waiver of all corporate taxes as well as import and export taxes, and an exemption from all personal taxes.

Many of the larger free zones have their own laws and courts based on both English and common law, sitting alongside the country’s mainland business environment which has also modernised in recent years.

Speed and simplicity

For foreigners and resident expatriates with an interest in setting up a business in the UAE (either a small office or full-scale operations), a free zone is the surest route to success.

Business Setup in Dubai UAE Free Zone is easier, simpler, and faster. Documentation is simplified, and recruitment and workforce processes are faster and cheaper than onshore options. Most free zone authorities also extend support for ancillary services such as legal, medical, labour, and immigration processes.

Options in space, style, tenure, and budget are almost unlimited – from individual freelance permits to international branch office licences, and from shared desk space on a 1-year contract to industrial warehouse leasing for up to 25 years.
Freezone Company Formation -Speed and simplicity

Expert assistance

With many years of experience and many hundreds of satisfied clients on our roster, our teams continue to offer personalised and professional service.

We cater to both, residents and international investors who are interested in Company Formation in UAE Free Zone.

We can help you identify the right specialty and choose the best free zone location. We help you create compelling value propositions. We process all the documentation and paperwork while complying with regulations. We will even fulfil unusual requests.

If you are looking for company set up in UAE Free Zone, we are happy to serve you – and deliver high levels of satisfaction.

Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai

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Processing of Employee

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Benefits of FreeZone Company Formation

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Complete foreign ownership

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Exemption from import and export duty

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Complete repatriation of profits and benefits

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100% tax exclusions for free zone companies, this includes corporate tax and income tax

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Ready to access warehouse and office space in the free zone jurisdiction

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Simple and straight forward incorporation procedures in a limited period of time.

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Most- updated communication systems with a world-class infrastructure

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No restrictions on transactions of foreign currencies.

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