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Information System Audit

Information System audit in UAE

Information system audit in UAE is increasing day by day and it has become the focal point of auditing. A & A associate is a pioneer in providing information auditing with a plethora of additional benefits. Information technology has altered the perspective of people around the globe. Audit of IT infrastructure and security systems are vital for the business irrespective of its nature or size. Information system audit in UAE increase transparency, and provide the organization with overview of the current information system.

Information System audit in UAE

The components are assessed based on the industry standards and frameworks. With vast experience in conducting Information system audit in UAE, A & A associates have a vibrant team of IT audit specialists to address the changing requirements and increasing demands of the entrepreneurs. Our services support external auditors, and ensure internal audit with independent consultants to executive management.

We serve across different business sectors and operate on all technology platforms. Our audit practitioners understand risk and optimize the performance of your business. We work on independent services to identify risk and effectiveness of your processes. We assist in formulating remedial measures to mitigate risk.

Benefits of information system audit in UAE

  • Reduced risk – Information system audit in UAE tackle risk related to integrity, availability, and confidentiality of the IT processes. The audit improves reliability by covering a range of threats and mitigating them.
  • Secure data – After identifying risks, the organization is allowed to redesign or strengthen the poor design, thus leading to secure data.
  • System evaluation – IT audit let you know whether you’re investing in the right system. This makes sure that system is efficient and meets all the objectives.
  • IT governance – Information system audit in UAE ensures that all the business laws and regulations are met by employees and the IT department as well. This improves IT governance and overall IT management.

What is the audit process in Information system audit in UAE?

A & A associates information system audit is carried out by professionals who are well-versed in handling information system issues and related conflicts. It’s conducted to evaluate the information system and find necessary measures to improve the value of your business.

Information system audit in UAE involves four steps, they are
  • Measure vulnerability – Initially, audit process identifies the vulnerability of each application. If the probability of computer abuse is high, then there is greater demand for information system audit.
  • Identify sources of threat – Identify people who might pose threat to the information systems. Most of the threats are made by people like data providers, data entry operators, computer security specialists, etc.
  • Identification of high-risk points – Identify the points, occasions, or events where information system is penetrated. The high-risk point may be when a data or program file is fault or changed.
  • Check for computer abuse – The last step is to conduct audit of high potential points keeping the view of activities who could abuse the IT system for applications that are highly vulnerable.

How A & A associates can help you?

A & A associates include a plethora of benefits while conducting Information system audit in UAE,

  • Standardization
  • Improved business efficiency
  • System process control
  • Contingencies plan and disaster recovery
  • Manage information with a related system

We ensure that information generated from electronic system are reliable and used in decision – making. Apart from being reliable, information system audit in UAE check controls over the IT system and environment.

We have a qualified team handling information system audit to mitigate risk and find effective solutions to overcome risk. Secure sensitive data of your company! Contact us for the best information system audit in UAE!