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VAT Compliance Audit

VAT compliance services in UAE

Complying with the VAT laws is an additional burden of task on the company. Even if it isn’t that complicated, companies end up miscalculating the tax payable or tax receivable often times. This could be due to incorrect bookkeeping, for example, an overstatement of sales invoice would result in a higher amount of tax on sales tax invoice even though the sales has not been made.

Another problem could be the late filing of return, incorrect or incomplete returns which would result in hefty penalties or defaulting charges payable to the Federal Tax Authority. In order to avoid such issues, A&A Associate are providing VAT compliance audit services. Our team will guide the client accordingly and will ensure that no late, incomplete or incorrect filing of return is submitted.

Our services include the following:

  • Assisting in the process of registration or deregistration
  • VAT return review
  • VAT filing review
  • VAT audits
  • VAT consultancy
  • Bookkeeping and calculations

How VAT Compliance Services in the UAE help your Company?

VAT compliance services in Dubai is vital for any business. The implementation of VAT was a very big step in the UAE government, but the implementation of tax laws has several advantages for the growth of your company.

The filing and registration of VAT should comply with the federal tax authority for enhanced business.

Some of the reasons how VAT Compliance Audit in UAE helps your companies grow,

  • Prevent fraud – The audit report gives detailed information on the status of compliance and keeps it safe.
  • Save funds – Reduce wastage of funds by providing proper information on filing and registration. The business funds are utilized in a proper way to enhance profits.
  • Address compliance related issues – Non-compliance may lead to several fines and penalties and finally, it may result in the liquidation of the company. By addressing VAT compliance issues, avoid these fines and take your business to the next level.
  • Support economy – If compliance is thoroughly examined, there are chances to reduce fraud and improve productivity.

What are the benefits of VAT Compliance Services in Dubai?

VAT compliance audit in UAE has a lot of benefits for the growth and improvement of your company,

Some of the benefits include,

  • The management gets a clear picture on the present VAT requirements of the business.
  • Get huge financial benefits for your company
  • Increase the trust of your company by avoiding any fines or penalties.

How can A&A Associate assist you?

We at A&A  Associate ensure one of the best VAT Compliance Services in Dubai with a unique client-centered approach and dedicated workforce.

We assist in VAT compliance audit in UAE by,

  • Collecting all the required data according to the client’s business requirements.
  • Analyze all the documents
  • Create a plan to fulfill the requirements
  • Individual attention in each and every proceedings
  • Timely reviews to establish best possible solutions

With a dedicated team of professionals, we ensure in-depth business analysis, and come up with customized business solutions.

We help your business grow with professional VAT Compliance Services in Dubai!