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Registered Auditors in Ras Al Khaimah

RAKEZ or Ras Al Khaimah is a leading economic zone in the UAE. RAKEZ is an authority established to oversee and consolidate clients of both RAK investment authority and RAK free trade zone. Thousands of companies are operating in RAK and thousands of companies are getting registered with RAKEZ every year.


RAKEZ authorities have made it mandatory for the companies operating in RAK territory to provide their auditing certificates. Registered auditors in Ras Al Khaimah assists companies in maintaining their financial statements according to the international accounting standards.

A & A associate is one of the approved Auditors in RAK providing extensive range of auditing services and invaluable advice for business growth.

Benefits of choosing RAK economic zone

Doing business in RAKEZ free zone, gives you multi-faceted business advantages. Your company will be a part of international business community and lot more attractive benefits in business setup,

  • Free zone or non-free zone registration
  • Complete ownership
  • No tax
  • Complete repatriation of funds
  • One stop for all services
  • Business and accommodation facilities
  • Easy business setup
  • Connects to major logistics hub

How registered Auditors in RAK conduct audit?

According to the RAKEZ regulations and UAE company laws, all the companies are required to submit their audited financial reports.

  • All the companies should submit their audited financial statements within six months to the end of the financial year.
  • The audit statements must be handed over to the representative of RAKEZ
  • This rule is not applicable to the companies registered as branch company in RAKEZ

If the companies fail to submit their audited reports, then they should pay a penalty fine of AED 2,500 or it may result in the suspension of company services.

Why audit is mandatory from approved auditors in RAK?

The companies registered in RAKEZ should appoint an auditor to analyze and report on the accounts. The audit company in ras al khaimah should prepare accounts in accordance with local and international regulations.

The audit report must provide true and fair report of the company’s affairs at the end of financial year. While choosing registered auditors in Ras Al Khaimah, the account reports are free from material misstatements. The authorities also rely on the auditor’s report renewing the trade license.

The registered auditors in RAK investigate whether the company has maintained proper records. Auditors also ensure that the accounts are in agreement with the accounting records and returns.

Benefits of Auditing Services in RAK

Being one of the best auditors in Ras Al Khaimah, we provide the following professional audit services in RAKEZ,

  • Cost-effective and efficient solutions for the problems faced in RAKEZ
  • All the transactions are seamless and transparent
  • Customized solutions according to the business operations
  • Understand business trends and make more informed decisions

Why choose us?

A & A associate provides one of the best auditing services in RAK. Being an audit firm, our approved auditors in RAK offer the following services,

  • True and accurate financial statements
  • Honest opinion on financial aspects of the company
  • Compliance with accounting standards
  • Advanced audit techniques and data analytics
  • Analyze weakness of internal control procedures and provide necessary recommendations.
  • Timely submission of audit work according to client requirements
  • High-quality audit reports compliant with RAKEZ laws

We assure top-rated auditing services in RAK with an expert team of auditors. We provide true and accurate financial statement that complies with the international standard of accounts.

Partnering with A & A associates registered auditors in Ras Al Khaimah will provide compliance and certification for your business.

With unmatched services and great integrity, we offer the best auditing services in RAK!