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Payroll Services in Dubai, UAE

It is always in the best interest of your business to keep your employees satisfied. A happy employee would go out of their way to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. In order to achieve such success with employees you need to ensure a healthy working environment, a worthy salary and on-time payments. Our payroll services in Dubai come with a guarantee of reliable outcomes that follow your payroll criteria.

Management of payroll can become complex if not properly handled since a salary involves several perquisites and benefits instead of only wage calculation for example leave, vacation expense, insurance, medical benefits etc.

In order to simplify the process and divert your main focus to growth of the business instead of wasting time on research of laws and regulations regarding salaries and wages, hire one of the best payroll management service available at A&A Associate.

payroll services in Dubai

Experience and trust:

We have worked with hundreds of clients throughout Dubai that are happy and satisfied with our services. Our specialized team can guarantee you accurate programming and reduction of costs as well.

A&A Associate practice a firm confidentiality policy that restricts our team from sharing your employees’ information and data with a third party.

Our services include:

Our services also include preparation of all the reports required by the statutory authorities accurately.

payroll outsourcing in Dubai

If the employment tax is withheld, we will ensure the payment to the tax authorities as well as perform all the complicated calculations regarding employment tax on the wages as well as the perquisites and benefits.

Scope of Services

Payroll process in Dubai
Service Activity
Employee Database Management
  • Employee Profile Creation
  • Info Updates
Leave Management
  • Accrual Calculation
  • Leave Balance Summary
  • Leave Application (Employee | Supervisor)
  • Approval Workflow
Payroll Processing
  • Pay cycle Management
  • Payroll Process
    • Regular
    • Vacation Pay
    • Full & Final Settlement
  • Reconciliation with Previous Month
  • Review | Approval
Salary Disbursal
  • WP File Generation
  • Payslip Generation
Statutory Compliance Support
  • Social Insurance (if any)
  • Reports for Statutory Authorities
  • Employment Tax (if applicable)
Help Desk
  • Query Handling
Accruals & Provisioning
  • Ticketing | Vacation | End of Term Benefits
Period Close


Data Migration Checklist

# Employee Data
1 Employee No.
2 Employee Name
3 Designation
5 Date of Joining
6 Date of Current service start
7 Dependants Details (For family status)
8 Nationality
9 Passport No
10 Passport Validity
11 Nationality
12 Visa No
13 Validity
14 Social Insurance No
15 Validity
16 Medical Insurance card no
17 Validity
18 Company assets with person
19 Email ID
20 Phone number
21 Contract period
Bank Details
22 Bank
23 Bank Branch
24 Account No
26 Swift code
27 Leave
28 Vacation Ticket
29 Family Ticket
30 Encashment facility
# Employee Data
Last taken
32 Approved leaves to be taken
33 Date of Last Vacation
34 Last ticket availed
35 Leave balances
36 Loan / Advance Balances
37 End of Service benefit
38 Vacation Pay Provision
39 Ticketing Provision
Company Policy on
40 Leave policy
41 Ticketing policy
42 Work time policy
43 OT policy
44 End of Service Benefit
45 Encashment policy
46 Loan Policies
47 Employment Tax
48 Social insurance
49 Medical insurance
50 Family eligibility
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