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The United Arab Emirates has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with 137 countries worldwide, so you may not need to pay further taxes.
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UAE is a gateway between Asia Pacific and Europe for cross border transactions. International taxation UAE plays a significant role in most of the businesses operating in this region. The international taxation concept is evolving these days and getting updated on a real-time basis. Profit shifting and base erosion are the popular tax avoidance strategies that find any gaps and mismatches in any tax rules that naturally shift profits to lower or no tax locations, these have been the focus of anti-tax avoidance globally. UAE has become the 116th jurisdiction to join this tax framework on BEPS.

At A & A associates, our tax experts evaluate developments pertaining to BEPS as applicable to your business and ensure compliance with international standards on tax purposes and analyze tax treaties for any benefits that affect your business transactions.

International Taxation

How International Taxation UAE helps your business grow?

Importance of international taxation in UAE

International Taxation UAE is gaining importance in the recent years. To improve international competitiveness, UAE is shifting towards a taxation economy that encourages transparency and improves economic diversification. Initially, UAE introduced Excise tax in 2017 and VAT in 2018. Apart from these, there are many developments to improve international tax compliance in the country.

International taxation UAE gives importance to trade on the internationally agreed standards both EOIR (Exchange of information on request) and Automatic exchange of information from OECD.

UAE is also compliant with the CRS or common reporting system and FATCA to improve the international tax reporting and international tax compliance.

Services under International Taxation UAE,

Being one of the efficient International Taxation Consultants in UAE, we understand the short-term and long-term tax consequences of tax-planning. We come up with global tax planning decisions and incorporate wider business objectives.

Some of our international taxation services include,

Why we are the best International Taxation Consultants in UAE?

A & A associate provides one of the best International Taxation Advisory Services in Dubai with a team of expert tax professionals and consultants. Our advisors are well-versed in various tax regimes in the UAE as well as GCC.

We work as a dedicate team to handle all the international tax affairs requirements and ensure that each process is held in a tax-efficient manner complied with all the laws. This avoids any pitfalls in business decision making and safeguards your company from probable tax risks.

A & A associates manage the complexities of multiple tax systems and international regulations. We address your tax concerns with great commitment! Get complete guidance from International Taxation Consultants in UAE! Now, get ready to go on global!

International Taxation
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