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Due Diligence Assurance

Due Diligence Assurance in UAE

Due diligence assurance in UAE involves the assessment of an organization to determine its financial performance. This allows entrepreneurs to gain greater understanding on the business earning capabilities, prospective customers, competency of the management, suppliers, and their financial position. Due diligence assurance in UAE is conducted by individual or firms willing to do business with another company.

The objective of due diligence audit in the UAE is to research on the history, ability, performance, and goodwill of the organization.

A & A associates due diligence team allow you to assess the businesses in Dubai and provide relevant information on making decisions. We have a team of internal auditors and analysts who work in due diligence engagements across various business sectors. Our due diligence audit in the UAE is particularly carried out for merger, privatization, acquisition, or any other similar corporate finance transaction.

What are the different types of due diligence assurance in UAE?

  • Operational due diligence – This deals with the review of non-financial matters of a business. This includes HR activities, risk assessment, management team evaluation, etc.
  • Financial due diligence – Due diligence to validate financial statements and ensure that shareholders assess the risk accurately, this includes the review of data and information, to estimate the financial position of the company.
  • Legal due diligence – Investigate any legal risk associated with the target company’s obligations and rights. This deals with the intellectual property, employment disputes, and similar issues.
  • Commercial due diligence – Commercial due diligence assurance in UAE is conducted to examine various factors such as market conditions, analysis of competitors, product or service assessment or any other commercial data.

Benefits of due diligence audit in the UAE

  • Clear picture of the business
  • Confirmation of all the material facts related to business
  • Risk and opportunities of proposed transaction
  • Reduce risk post-transaction
  • Trust between two unrelated parties
  • Identify deal killers and avoid bad business transaction
  • Verify whether transaction complies with the acquisition or investment criteria

Due diligence assurance in UAE approach by A & A associates,

  • Initially, develop a program that specifies the objective of acquisition and their goals
  • Understand the sector for due diligence and focus on it
  • Assign a team with expertise in sector and other functions
  • Set up timetables for completing each assignment
  • Establish protocol and other information to be retained
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Finally, we issue a written report on due diligence assurance.

Benefits of opting A & A associates due diligence audit services in UAE

due diligence assurance in UAE
  • Risk assessment with due diligence report
  • Explore any hidden information of the company
  • Enhanced company reputation
  • Estimate true value of a business
  • Early tackling of any issues
  • Negotiate best during the transactions

How A & A associates can help you?

Successful transactions are result of remarkable intelligence; our team enhances the probability of success by understanding the exact requirement and link with the right solutions.

Some of the services under due diligence assurance in UAE,

A & A associate provides one of the best due diligence assurance in UAE by recognizing the deal-specific risk and makes it simple. We identify the hidden costs and commitments of the company.

We have been providing the best due diligence audit in the UAE and plenty of other accounting related services.

Avail maximum value from a proposed business transaction! For any due diligence services, do contact us!