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What is Operational Audit?

As per the Institute of Internal Auditor (IIA), operational audit is defined as a systematic process of evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operations of an organization. Where a financial audit reports on the financial side of a business, an operational audit is in relation to day to day transactions and operating activities.

An operational audit is performed by the internal auditor of the entity and can also be outsourced. It basically helps in strengthening the internal controls, reducing the costs and irregularities. Along with the identifying of anomalies in the procedures, it is also the responsibility of the auditor to provide a strategy to overcome the shortcomings of the business which will help the management take effective measures.Even though it isn’t obligatory to get an operational audit performed, it assists in saving social costs. If you are interested in knowing the effectiveness and efficiency of your operational activities and how to improve your processes, you can get an operational audit done by your own internal audit function or even outsource the job.

The user of an operational audit report is usually the management but specifically it targets the process owners or line managers. Each process is audited by the internal auditors separately to identify any inefficiency during the processes.

Operational Audit

The prime objectives of operational audit include the following:

Operational Audit

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