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Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

Unique features of offshore company formation in Dubai, UAE

Scope and scale

A company can be established offshore, that is away from the UAE mainland and not in a free zone. You could establish an offshore company in RAK Offshore (officially the Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre or RAK ICC), which is a Company Registry containing details of offshore companies; or overseas. The British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and Mauritius also offer excellent venues An offshore company is a legal business that is established with the intention of operating outside its registered jurisdiction or location of ownership. In the majority of cases, offshore companies do not need to occupy physical office space, but in turn, cannot undertake extensive any business activities in the country of its origin. when setting up your offshore company.

Offshore companies can be created and owned by individuals or institutions, and shares can be easily and freely transferred by a written instrument.

Offshore company formation in Dubai is a fast-growing sector of new business setup in the country. It is typically built with provisions to minimize or eliminate taxes associated with property sales, capital gains, value-added tax (VAT), death duties, and profits on business earnings.

For investors looking at offshore company registration in Dubai, favored considerations include the ability to create or maintain wealth, hold or protect property and other assets, and offer international trading, contracting and consulting services from a single location.

Benefits of Offshore Company setup in Dubai is an assurance of confidentiality over ownership and related financial affairs.

Structural Benefits of Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

When compared to many other jurisdictions, the UAE has a highly regulated banking system, sophisticated infrastructure and facilities, cutting-edge telecommunications networks, and easy access to international markets.

Registering an offshore company in UAE spells out several business benefits:

Incorporation of offshore companies is relatively easy, quick, and simplified, and we often complete the process in a few days.

Benefits of offshore company registration in Dubai

Benefits of Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

Unlike other jurisdictions which are considered solely for taxation, offshore company formation in UAE offers numerous advantages: direct investment into specific jurisdictions, better management of taxes on foreign income, full ownership of intellectual property, and the separation and protection of personal assets from operating entities.

An offshore company formation in UAE can be strategically designed to minimise overall international tax liability. There are no requirements for minimum share capital, although in some cases, the government registrar may ask that paid-up capital be commensurate with proposed activities.

Another localised advantage is related to realty. Some property developers in the UAE allow up to four owners for the purchase of a single property such as a villa, an office or an apartment. In the case of an offshore company, the number of such property owners can be extended up to 50, with ownership registered to the offshore company.

Choice of Jurisdiction for Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

Choosing a jurisdiction for offshore company registration in Dubai depends on a number of factors: laws and regulations of the country as applicable to the business, political and geopolitical climate of the region in relation to future plans, exact nature of the business, and type of assets that will be held by it.

List of Top Offshore Companies in UAE:

Both permit 100% foreign ownership, and are tax free jurisdictions that levy no income tax or corporate tax. The UAE has negotiated Avoidance of Double Taxation Treaty Agreements (DTTAs) with more than 110 countries.

Both jurisdictions also have unique offerings: RAK ICC is hailed as the cheapest and fastest way to set up an offshore company in the UAE, with incorporation often completed in a few days. RAK offshore is one of the most established offshore jurisdictions in the Middle East, and has an enviable roster of more than 14,000 companies in 50 sectors. Meanwhile, JAFZA & RAK ICC offshore companies are the UAE’s only offshore vehicles that are permitted to own property in the emirate of Dubai.

All offshore companies in  UAE can open multi-currency accounts in the country and carry out business internationally.

Our services

We are registered and reliable agents for Dubai offshore company formation, and we continue to serve clients from all parts of the world. Complementing our many years of experience is a distinguished team of in-house lawyers, accountants, auditors and management consultants who work closely together with every client.

We offer end-to-end services for offshore company formation in the UAE, and administration thereof. These services include corporate and business documentation, opening of bank accounts, and the provision of directors, company secretary and nominee shareholders as required. Working on your behalf, we will also liaise with all concerned authorities.

Most importantly, we will guide you through every stage of offshore business setup in Dubai, including choosing and registering a name, conducting and collecting due diligence, and arranging reference letters.

In most instances, we will not require your physical presence to open your offshore company.

offshore company formation services in UAE

Offshore companies in UAE are not subject to any registration conditions with regard to the leasing of premises, provision of guarantees or employment of staff. However, should you require it, we can arrange for your business to be conducted and all communications to be maintained through our registered and approved firm.

Our auxiliary services cover most aspects of everyday business operations, including accounting, audit and assurance, payroll, taxation and outsourced CFO and PRO services.
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OffshoreCompany Setup in Dubai, UAE

offshore company setup in Dubai


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Benefits of Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

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Ideal place for international trading, legally exempt from corporate tax

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Shareholders or directors not required to register their details and name for public record

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Exempt from annual accounting and other tax obligations

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Easy to setup corporate bank account in UAE

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Full repatriation of funds and allows multi-currency transactions

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Complete ownership of your company

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Maintain confidentiality in the business dealings

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No trade barriers or any other foreign exchange controls

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An offshore company in the UAE has the advantage of keeping a virtual office while reaping the benefits from the UAE market, while also requiring very low capital and tax jurisdictions.
To set up an offshore company in Dubai you may proceed with various approvals and documentations from the governments such as passport, visa, MoA, etc. Or you can simply give a call to A&A Associates for quick, effective and easy offshore business setup in Dubai.
Offshore companies need not pay any corporate tax for their profits.
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