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We are the team of Accounting & Auditing specialists have protracted accounting and auditing knowledge and good experience in interpreting and applying related activities.

We work with our clients to build a good bond and provide a personalized service to suit client’s all financial needs.

We take our mission into our professional core: empower businesses to achieve greater success through unwavering commitment, incomparable services and continuous focus on innovation.


- being true to our actions, not just inwords; maintaining integrity in conduct, delivering high standard results.



- upholding our dealings with dignity and respect among our partners, peers and clients.

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Customer Care

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We are registered auditors in UAE:

We have expanded to serve your best interest.
We are a strategic partner of Vertex Auditing.
We are compliance focused.
Because thousands of rules are being issued from time to time, new regulations are sometimes replaced with more intricate ones, thus adding layers of complexity. We are in control of these changes, keeping you up to date with proactive solutions.

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Trust. Governance. Ethics. Compliance.

We have performed over 5,000 audits and counting.
Together with our Audit Division (Vertex Auditing), A&A Associate is a registered entity to conduct statutory audit functions for compliance required by the managements, government bodies, banks and free zones. We believe in providing a true insight into the business not only by analyzing and verifying the financial data but by providing proactive suggestions for improvement and shedding light on the underlying risks. We are highly capable and experienced to propel company growth strategy. We have performed over 5,000 audits and our certified team practices the code of ethics persistently and is known for its integrity, objectivity and professionalism; resulting to solid client partnership. We can provide you with an Audit Report that is mandatory for license renewal and other crucial purposes.
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Audits – Internal Audit

Public listed company requires to file annual financial statements accompanied and attested by an auditor’s report. In fact, the Commercial Companies Law states that the audit of accounts is necessary for all companies in the mainland. These audited financial statements are available to all the government authorities, financial institutions, shareholders, public and every stakeholder included; it is an assurance that the management has prepared financial statements as per the applicable financial reporting framework; indicating a true and fair view of the business performance; this is required to fill in the gap between ownership and control of the company. This is where an external independent auditor is being hired by the audit committee (that is answerable to the BOD); to provide comfort to the shareholders, adding credibility to the management’s stance, assuring that there are no misstatements, whether it be due to fraud or error. And yes, financial statement audit is a part of our service offering. Our certified accountants will do a comprehensive examination of your financial statements and accompanying disclosures. We will attest to the truthfulness and fairness before issuance of your financial statements.

Risk advisory services helps in evaluating the culture, systems and processes of a business to identify and sort out problems. This can help make decisions, support business objectives and prevent loss, damage or harm to the business. Business improvements require risk management integrated across your organization’s management, processes and technology. Our well efficient team leads risk management projects across all aspects of an enterprise, from risk assessment to any extend. Directors alone cannot establish and maintain effective risk management practices; employees are the backbone of the company, so we need to get all team levels involved in sharing accountability and responsibility, towards managing business risk. A tool that we use in certain risk management projects is data analysis; combining information management, business and accounting skills; our Data Analytics Team can interrogate the numbers significant to a business; extract, analyze and report on data inputs from a risk management perspective.

Our services include:
  • Developing and Implementing a Tailored Risk Strategy
  • Evaluating and Implementing Solutions
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Data Analytics
  • Results for Your Business

As per the Institute of Internal Auditor (IIA), operational audit is defined as a systematic process of evaluating the organizational effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operations. Where a financial audit reports day to day transactions and operating activities.

It basically helps in strengthening the internal controls, reducing the costs and irregularities.

This can be performed by an internal auditor of the entity or could be outsourced; it is their responsibility to provide a strategy to overcome the shortcomings of the business, that will propel the management to take effective measures.

Now is the time, to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of your operational activities; find ways to improve your processes, you can definitely rely on our team of experts.

Compliance audit is performed to ensure that your business is abiding by the laws and regulation related to your specific industry. It also includes all your contractual obligations and whether they have been adhered to as per the law. A compliance audit report is usually required by financial institutions or government bodies to affirm that all daily activities and operations are being legally complied with the protocols; and this varies from business to business; e.g. a compliance audit for a financial institution will be regarding personal data, disaster recovery or information backup; a medical facility business would be audited on personal information, surgery contracts or any other law regarding health facilities.

We provide compliance audit to various industries such as: agriculture, health facilities, financial institutions, IT agencies, manufacturing, hotels and tourism, transportation and legal firms.

During a financial audit control, the auditor reviews how the bookkeeping is done, how transactions are entered into the system, how financial transactions are reported and how adequate and secure the internal controls are. It is performed by the internal auditors rather than the external auditors for effective management. It ensures that the resources and capacity available to the entity is utilized to the maximum by the entity. We provide financial control audit services periodically (monthly, quarterly and annually) as per your business need. It will support cost reduction; it will help abridge inefficiencies, irregularities and risk of fraud or error. Effective control functions help business run better. Our practical suggestions are aimed at strengthening the business, not just looking at process, we bring something different. We can work with you in diverse ways: full external evaluation, facilitated review or self-assessment.

A review engagement is conducted to provide limited assurance that there are no material modifications made to the financial statements in conformity with the financial reporting framework. The broad review procedures required to be performed by a professional accountant, these analytical procedures provide better understanding of key relationships among certain numbers; giving more assurance about the reasonability of the financial condition presented in the financial statements.

When an entity is suspected of having unusual activities such as money laundering, terror money or fraudulent activities going on, it calls for a thorough investigation of its accounts, financial statements and all the business processes. This investigation process is termed as an investigative audit. Rigorous audit procedures are performed to follow the movement of money and assets to obtain evidence. Once the suspect is identified and sufficient audit evidence is obtained, the case shall be presented in the court.

Information Technology has changed the view of every people around the globe. As we can see, an audit of IT infrastructure, systems and security has become vital for every business, irrespective of their nature and size. It is not only mandatory from the compliance point of view, but more for the data security challenges. An Information Systems Audit increases transparency and traceability by providing an organization with an overview of the current state of their information systems, which includes IT infrastructure and various IT governance elements such as applications, systems, network components, policies and procedures; these components can be assessed based on industry standards and frameworks; or any external regulations your organization is obliged to meet. We provide specialists skilled in IT audit; we have a vast experience and expertise. We serve organizations of all sectors and operate across all technology platforms and software environments. We aim to provide independent and objective services to identify, measure risk and the effectiveness of your processes and controls; then assist you in formulating practical remedial measures to mitigate that risk.

Forensic Accounting

Our team of experts, comprising of more than eight chartered accountants and other seasoned forensic accounting professionals apply a unique approach and methodology which is then further tailored to each specific requirement and environment.

As your trusted forensic accounting advisor, we will assist you in conducting complex forensic accounting investigations and recommend the appropriate corrective action. Our services include fraud, complex financial investigations and regulatory inspections.

Accounting Litigation Support

All organizations will invariably, from time to time, be involved in accounting litigation and arbitration processes. Here our team can assist you in providing expert witness testimony and advice throughout the whole litigation or arbitration process including contractual disputes, quantification of losses and expert witness support.

Fraudulent Financial Reporting

Due to various limitations within the audit function, including sampling and quantitative materiality limits, no regularity audit can be expected to detect all financial irregularities in the financial statements. Our professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to detect financial misstatements emanating from fraud and financial crime.

Net Worth Analysis Investigations

Our specialist team uses several methods to analyze financial profiles including the analysis of income records, financial accounts and tax returns, as well as other information obtained from publicly accessible databases relating to real property, business interests and consumer profiles including tax fraud and lifestyle audit.

Special Audits

This is needed when laws or regulations are suspected to violate the financial management of the organization. In conjunction with investigating violations, audits can be carried out pertaining to duties, authorizations, responsibilities and internal control guidelines. E.g. Special Audits are often related to corporate re – organization or bankruptcy. In such cases, the audits are carried out in line with the recommendations of the Advisory Board for Bankruptcy Affairs. Our special audit experts have broad and extensive experiences, across organizations, in all types and sizes; the scope and focus shall be agreed upon on a case – by – case basis.

Recovery Auditing is a systematic approach of reviewing disbursement transactions and attempting to recover various forms of excess payments or under deductions to the suppliers. Our experienced accountants and auditors will gather all your data and identify any such transactions that have been over paid or under recovered. We provide recovery audit services to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. After identification of such irregularities and obtaining sufficient evidence, we will attempt to recover all the money lost due to such error disbursements. Each year millions of dirhams are lost to profit leakage due to financial errors, overpayments, under deductions, allowances and compliance issues. Yes, achieving a 100% recovery is virtually impossible; however, our team will focus on material anomalies that has a significant impact on the profit.

After the implementation of ICV program, ADNOC’s suppliers and service providers are required to show a significant increase in the ICV score by declaring their ICV achievements certificate with respect to the previous financial year. ICV score is now become an integral part of ADNOC tendering process as awarding criteria is now based on the lowest price and high ICV score. All the ADNOC suppliers are now required to contact an ADNOC certification body for ICV certificate and submit the supplier’s submission template. In the UAE, the ICV certificate can only be obtained from an ICV approved auditor/ audit firm in UAE. The ICV auditor/ audit firm will only issue the ICV certificate on the basis of the audit report of an entity issued by an approved external auditor or audit firm from the government of UAE. ADNOC program is the continuation of 2030 growth strategy which is defined as “creating more profitable and valuable business along with persistent supply of oil and gas”.

Advisory & Consulting - Assurance

In order to make financial decisions, you must take tax matters into account. It is vital for every listed company as well as many private companies to comply with the laws and regulations in the country. To keep your financial management updated with the latest tax laws, you must hire an experienced and competent tax advisor who is in practice of dealing with several clients regarding tax matters. Tax law consists of several technicalities and jargons and a practicing tax advisor would infer all your deductions and tax claims that will help you save thousands of dirhams.

Discipline is a key to success and corporate governance is just about that. An entity needs to design its structure, hierarchy and procedures beforehand in order to manage the daily business activities. Structure and organization are the most important aspects of an entity. Without a proper structure, the business would face an imminent failure without ever accomplishing its goals and objectives. With our solid and diverse industry experience; our knowledgeable team will provide you services aligned with your market and your industry; keeping technical efficiency in mind.

Often times when an organization’s financial performance is deteriorating, it opts for business restructuring; elimination of competition; increasing efficiency etc. Merger or acquisition is a process of transferring company ownership or part of ownership; its assets; or its operating unit. It is a complex procedure that involves reporting of all transactions and activities. It requires proper planning and accurate implementation of the entire process which can only be ensured by a qualified and experienced team. Our highly experienced team will evaluate all the relevant ratios, replacement costs and NPV of the project on the premise of which, the investment cost will be decided.

As per the statutory authorities, preparation of financial statements is a vital aspect for every business that exists. It is the compilation of accounting jargons and complicated values that are portrayed on a piece of paper in an easier and readable manner and this indicates the worth of your business. It is crucial to exhibit the true and fair view of the organization’s financial performance; reporting the net value of assets and liabilities, how much profit was earned or lost, details of equity etc.; prepared annually and quarterly on accrual basis of accounting. After preparation of the financial statements by the management, an annual audit is performed to check the validity of financial statements; the auditor gives his opinion on the honesty and truthfulness of the financial statement; then it is issued to all the stakeholders including the investors, banks and financial institutions, suppliers etc. This is a lengthy and difficult task that requires immense hard work and team effort; it must be prepared as per the applicable financial framework with honesty and integrity, as any material misstatement could be regarded as a fraud or error. In order to avoid such risky issues and losing focus on expansion and growth of your business, you could hire our team of highly capable experts.

Prior to investing in a new project or starting a business, one must do an in – depth feasibility study. A feasibility report analyzes the pros and cons of the project and plays a vital role in decision making. It reports whether the project is going to be a success or impending failure. In order to get a practical assessment of the project you can outsource the feasibility study to our highly competent team. We will determine the net present value (NPV) of the investment on the basis of elaborative market research. The net present value measures the present value of the total economic benefits of the said investment in the future; helping you decide whether an investment is worth it or not.

Business planning is the most crucial part of a business set – up and implementing a change in your organization; without a proper strategy and discipline, it might result in an imminent failure; major financial decision for the prospected business growth, depends on the current plan and strategy you opt for; a fair amount of risk is involved thus, the need for a strategic and tactical road map to achieve business goals. We have a highly competent team, having a diverse exposure in numerous industries.

Business succession is an event that rewards you vastly depending on the hard work you have put in the business. It is a crucial step that involves a lot of complexities. We will establish the entire succession procedure for you; analyzing the current financial issues; providing strategies and tactics for a seamless transition.

When your business is facing challenges financially, whether it’s because of underperforming divisions, consecutive losses or potential bankruptcy, our highly competent team is committed to assist you in reviving and protecting your business.

Budgeting is a fundamental activity of every successful entity; a practice of forecasting and estimation of future sales, expenses and profitability; an effective way of planning your business growth and managing your expenses in an efficient manner to reduce inadequacies. The resource required is immense; and it’s a lengthy process, but can help save a lot of cost and expenses when done right. We have the essential equipment required for estimation and forecasting as well as evaluation of trends; our team of qualified costing experts will accurately budget your expenses, sales and profitability; will assist in maximizing profit by recommending changes. We will perform a regular variance analysis for your business; we will calculate all the relevant variances, figure out the reasons behind it and make suggestions on how to eliminate it.

Operating activities involves the daily activities of buying, selling and production of goods. It is the heart of business performance, crucial for success or failure. Our team of experts will review the business operations; identify inefficiencies; will collaborate to improve performance. Our highly competent team will establish a solid strategy that includes all aspect of the business: location, type of facilities, workers’ skills and talents, technical equipment required (or any other special equipment), technology and quality control methods.

Human Capital service involves the measurement of productivity and efficiency of the team; when the staff is properly hired as per the needs, it will automatically contribute in increasing the company productivity and profits. In addition to that, organization should introduce training programs for employees, so that experience and skills are adopted; inspire a positive work environment; introduce performance reward system; to increase employee retention.

Having the intent to sell or buy a business, settlement on litigation, capital restructuring, expansion of business etc. requires business valuation; it involves high level financial analysis that should be undertaken by a qualified valuation professional with the appropriate credentials. Business owners who settles for low – cost business valuation are seriously missing out on the important benefits received from a comprehensive valuation analysis and valuation report as performed by an expert; this aids business owner to negotiate a strategic sale with a fair price; minimizing the financial risk of the management in a litigation etc.

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to determine what a business is worth. While this sounds easy enough, getting your business valuation done right takes preparation and thought. There is no one way to establish what a business is worth. That’s because business value means different things to different people; a business owner may believe that the business connection to the community it serves is worth a lot; an investor may think that the business value is entirely defined by its historic income. In addition, economic conditions affect business worth. For instance, when jobs are scarce, more business buyers enter the market and increased competition results in higher business selling prices. The circumstances of a business sale also affect the business value, there is a big difference between a business that is shown as part of a well-planned marketing effort to attract many interested buyers vs. a quick sale of business assets at an auction.

The process to investigate or examine other person or business before making a contract to avoid surprises; in the process of any business acquisition or merger, buyer and seller make sure that all the financial information exchanged, should be verified and accurate. Sometimes it may be a legal obligation but besides legal obligation, the buyers always want to make sure to pay only for the market price of the business and not more. A good due diligence team ensures all the above concerns along with providing help in recognizing possible risks and opportunities associated with the business.

The importance of business planning and proper risk management rises rapidly due to current uncertainty and unstable situations in the business field. You cannot counter the modern-day business problems without understanding own business threads and weaknesses. Our team of professional experts can help you in risk management of your business and suggest proper solutions to ensure your business will stand firm if something unexpectedly reports. Our experts are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience of any possible threats your business may face. We help our clients to understand the risk and their consequences on the business and suggest solutions about how to bounce back and get success when a potential risk arises.

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