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Compliance Audit

What is Compliance Audit?

VERTEX – Audit PartnerCompliance audit is performed to ensure that your business is abiding by the laws and regulation related to your specific industry. It also includes all your contractual obligations and whether they have been adhered to as per the law. A compliance audit report is usually required by financial institutions or government bodies to affirm that all the day-to-day activities and operations are being legally complied with the protocols.

A compliance audit varies business to business. For example, a compliance audit for a financial institution will be regarding personal data, disaster recovery or information backup. Similarly, a medical facility business would be audited regarding personal information, surgery contracts or any other law regarding health facilities.

We at A&A Associate provide compliance audits to various industries and our expertise lies in the following, including others:

  • Agriculture
  • Health facilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • IT agencies
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Legal firms