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Registered Auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Dubai Silicon Oasis is an innovative business hub with vibrant living and working integrated community. The DSO authority offers attractive incentives and several other benefits to companies operating within the free zone. It’s a master planned community with state-of-the-art infrastructure and in-house business services.

The companies operating in DSO free zone have to maintain their book of accounts from registered auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The firms that are not registered with DSO cannot conduct auditing or any related services. DSO maintains the accounting standards and reputation since 2004. Hence, get the support of approved auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis to accomplish your business needs.

Why do we need auditing services in Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Companies operating in DSO should maintain their accounting records to explain the transaction and accurately disclose the financial health of the company. The record books of companies in DSO free zone must comply with IFRS standards. The records should represent a fair view of profit and loss.

As per the laws regarding commercial companies, the companies should get their book of records audited from approved auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis free zone authority.

Companies that hire services of auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis should ensure the implementation by rotation systems. The audit firms ensure that the company operations are administrated as per the CFT & AML guidelines given by UAE central bank. The auditing services in Dubai Silicon Oasis have the authority to report if they suspect any activity against CFT regulations and anti-money laundering.

Requirement from registered auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis to conduct the financial audit,

In order to conduct accounting and auditing, the companies should furnish the following documents corresponding to the relevant year; this analyzes the financial statements and determines the financial position of the company.

The companies should present the following documents,
  • Bank statements
  • Bills and invoices
  • MoA
  • AoA
  • Debit and credit information of all financial transactions
  • Trade license
  • Book of accounts
  • Registration details of excise tax and VAT

A & A associates – registered auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis

A & A associates are registered auditors with various free zones in the UAE. Being an approved auditor in Dubai Silicon Oasis, we have served thousands of companies with our accounting and auditing services.

With a dedicated team of external auditors, we make sure those companies in DSO comply with regulatory requirements and instructions to understand the current financial health of your business.

Registered auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis work on efficient audit reports that improve the business growth complying with regulatory guidelines and meeting other requirements. We follow up the best practices including both local and international reporting standards.