Registered Auditors in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Let us take care of all your audit requirements in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

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Approved Auditors for Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

DMCC or Dubai Multi commodities centre was established in the year 2002 to enhance trade flow in Dubai. DMCC is a preferred destination for global trade and considered as one of the best free zone in the world. Situated in the prestigious location, DMCC has everything for a perfect business setup. With the combination of an energetic group, world-class administrations and inventive framework, DMCC is a stunning choice to establish your business.

Why do we need registered auditors in Dubai multi commodities centre?

DMCC provides flexible office structure and hassle-free business setup. However, it’s mandatory that companies within the free zone are required to maintain their book of accounts with the help of approved auditors in Dubai multi commodities center.

As per the DMCC regulations, the regulations no1 of 2013 is replaced with the regulations no1 of 2013. The free zone authority has released the list of approved auditors who perform auditing and related services in DMCC. Approved auditors ensure best quality auditing services with reputed chartered accountants in Dubai. They follow the best practices and comply with local and international accounting standards. Approved auditors have a track record of conducting financial audits in accordance with the international reporting standards such as IFRS. DMCC make sure that all the financial statements are true and accurate.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Auditors in Dubai multi commodities centre are allowed to work on the book of accounts, it’s mandatory that DMCC companies must submit their audited financial statements through approved auditors. The financial statements are to be submitted within 90 days after the fiscal year-end!

What is the auditing process in DMCC?

DMCC has certain regulations where the companies operating should cooperate with these free zone regulations. Companies should convey true and fair statements to their auditors, they are not allowed to omit or conceal any information from the auditors in Dubai multi commodities centre,

The audit process starts from,

Why choose A&A Associate?

DMCC has strict guidelines regarding the auditing process of the companies. The free zone prepares a list of registered auditors in DMCC from time to time who strictly adhere with the rules and regulations.

A & A associate is top-rated as one of the registered auditors in Dubai multi commodities centre and comply with the international financial reporting standards.

Our expert team of auditors analyzes your company accounts and financial statements with necessary supporting documents. With the help of our auditing services in Dubai , easily identify the risk involved in your business operations.
Being an approved auditor in Dubai multi commodities centre, get the support of our accountants to add value to your company’s corporate governance practices.

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