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Registered Auditors in Dubai World Central (DWC)

registered auditors in dwc

DWC or Dubai world central is an integral part of the UAE economy. It’s also known as Dubai South and one of the fastest growing free zones in Dubai. The free zone provides an economic platform to all industries. The DWC free zone authority takes responsibility of the companies with it. The authority recommends the service of registered auditors in Dubai world Central for financial reporting and other services.

A & A associate is one of the registered auditors in Dubai world central providing competitive services to our clients.

Advantages of DWC
  • Highly accessible location
  • Easy transit
  • Complete business ownership
  • Free from personal and corporate tax
  • No restrictions on currency
  • Any number of shareholders
  • Complete capital repatriation
  • Industry clustering
  • Exceptional infrastructure

Audit requirements in Dubai world central

The fastest growing free zone requires all the companies to furnish audit report by the Approved Auditors in Dubai World Central. These auditors play a huge role in supporting their clients by preparing audit report. Since it’s a prime location, lot of companies find it easy to transit their goods and indulge in other similar business activities.

According to the free zone regulations, auditors in Dubai world central should submit their companies financial reporting in one calendar year. Company may also nominate different reporting period in the initial financial year that starts from the date of incorporation but not less than six months and should not exceed eighteen months.

Before appointing an audit firm, make sure that they provide registered auditing services in Dubai World Central.

Who can perform the audit of companies in DWC?

The companies registered in DWC should submit their external audit report at the end of every financial year. It’s significant for renewing business license. The financial statements are required to be true and accurate. Approved auditors in Dubai world central take the responsibility of presenting financial statements in compliance with the applicable accounting standards.

Only audit firms that hold a valid auditing license from DWC free zone authority are authorized to provide auditing services for the companies in DWC. A & A associate is one such registered auditor in Dubai World central authorized to conduct audits of financial statements and business operations.

Benefits of choosing Approved Auditors in Dubai World Central,

  • License renewal for the companies operating in DWC
  • True and fair report of company’s financial position
  • Compliance with accounting standards and regulations
  • Analyze current financial position and future possibilities
  • Mitigate risk
  • Support in opening bank account
  • Investing ideas for investors and financial institutions

Why choose us?

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