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Dubai is full of life with Meydan. Meydan freezone is the heart of Dubai and was intellectually sketched by ‘His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president of the UAE, the ruler and prime minister of Dubai’. Meydan freezone came into life in February 2009. Now and then, Meydan appears in news for hosting the world-class horse-racing event at its premium racecourse which can comfortably accommodate 60,000 spectators.
Meydan freezone from its inception has won hearts because of its strategic location and amenities. It's an ideal location for work, play, shop, live, learn and grow. It has attracted global investors as it is centrally located and is well connected with the Dubai international airport. It encompasses an area for business setup categorised as a free zone and claims of meeting the best standards of the international business forum.
MFZ is much beyond the racecourse. The most advanced and well-planned infrastructure lends it a designer look. The world-class amenities include all facilities that your mind can visualise. Luxurious hotels, business parks, residential villas, sports grounds, schools, hospitals, inlay beach, shopping venues and much more. It is a prestigious destination for corporate meetings, events, family vacations and business setup. Once you land in MFZ you can become a part of a thriving economic arena that welcomes ambitious entrepreneurs from all over the globe.
One of the leading newspapers of the UAE had published a report on the contribution of free zones in the economy. It was stated that 8% of the total business is contributed by the free zones alone. Further, it mentioned that an upward slope can be seen in the growth graph as the investors are showing keen interest in investing in free zones. A 4.4% hike in investment was recorded in the last year. To add more, 60,000 companies are operating from the free zones as per the latest records.
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Three Types of Business Licenses:

MFZ follows liberal policies and offers licenses to all business sectors apart from the heavy industries. Open a company in Meydan by obtaining any one of these three licenses.

Consulting License:

Consulting license allows a team of professionals or an expert to start a consultancy firm. Varied solutions and professional services can be offered viz: auditing, auctioning, management services, business setup, financial services, human resources and there are more in the list.

Commercial License:

Trading activities like supply and distribution of goods, import and exports of goods are held under a commercial license.

Media License:

Media is full of creativity and innovative intellectual capabilities. All business activities that aspire to excel as a center of creativity by adopting any form of media are apt for media license.

Advantages of Meydan Freezone

A vision of MFZ to contribute to Dubai’s success is supported by liberal policies of the government and an easy registration facility. Have a glance of advantages:

MFZ is Unique

MFZ is outstanding in many perspectives but the most unique feature of the Meydan free zone is its innovative and extraordinary interface designed for the investors. It is technologically advanced and has facilities that make things easier for global investors. The dynamic environment for business setup in Meydan freezone is suitable for leading giants as well as start-ups, freelancers and SMEs.
Its unique services like Meydan Pay Benefits, Meydan Plus and Meydan Commerce are extraordinary.
Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Pay Benefits

MFZ offers a privilege to its investors like no other freezone. Meydan Pay Benefit is a virtual wallet that is provided with IBAN. It enables the user with easy and quick payments without any worries. It facilitates hassle-free transactions that enable you to concentrate on the growth of the business. Generation of invoices becomes feasible without any procrastination.

Four Steps to Easy and Quick Transactions by Meydan Pay

Step 1: Start a company in Meydan Dubai

Step 2: Open in the search bar and browse over the site and take the cursor on the customer portal and click on it. You will be navigated to Create your account if you are a first-time visitor and then log in.

Step 3: You can obtain your business license from the customer portal of MFZ.

Step 4: Next step involves customizing your license by setting IBAN after completing the details. Meydan Pay – Exclusive eWallet by Meydan Free Zone (

Step 4: Next step involves customizing your license by setting IBAN after completing the details. Meydan Pay – Exclusive eWallet by Meydan Free Zone (

Meydan Plus:

If you have plans to avail of some services like corporate banking, dependent visa application and many more then you can easily apply for them online from anywhere. Visit the site and select the services you need.

Meydan Commerce:

Meydan commerce ensures your visibility on e-commerce platforms by getting enlisted on some reputed and accessible platforms. Amazon, Noon and some other reputed ones. You can get your business license customized by paying reasonable fees of AED 6,000.

Only Three Steps Away

Step 1: You should have an e-commerce company at Meydan freezone.

Step 2: Complete the procedure by logging into the customer portal.

Step 3: On receiving the business license you can opt for Meydan commerce

The innovative features and simplicity have made MFZ extremely popular. MFZ is customer friendly and the government has tried to facilitate the investors by providing them with the easiest modes of setting up business in Meydan Dubai.

This blog intends to provide an overview of the company setup in Meydan, Dubai. Please do not forget to consult an expert over the subject matter for the best solution. We can be reached via phone or email.

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