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Prices starting fromAED 5,750

Fujairah free zone companies

Fujairah Creative City is an innovative media hub in addition to the popular Dubai Media City. Various companies in Fujairah Creative City take advantage of the lower operating costs, which includes the cost of the Business License and low cost of living in the emirate. Investors in the media segment consider it as a complementary option for their expansion. We can be of assistance with free zone company setup Fujairah Creative City.

Creative City, operated by Fujairah Media, was launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Sharqi, under the administration of Fujairah Culture and His Highness Rashid Bin Hamad Al-Sharqi, Chairman of Media Authority. 

Facilities in Fujairah Creative City include an open facilitating center in Dubai with a view to render services to Dubai based customers. They also include various services like license renewal services, amendment to company register services, and incorporation services.

Features of free zone company setup Fujairah Creative City includes a perfect environment for individuals and businesses working in media, communications, consulting, design and technology fields. Fujairah Creative City supports existing media clusters and facilitates creativity in all sectors.

Features of free zone company setup Fujairah Creative City also include licenses to individuals within a free zone economic environment. FCC also regulates and processes government formalities, visas and work permits. Various segments in FCC nurture talent without any conventional fetters of renting an office space or recruiting staffs at the initial stage! It works on an idea to create entity that eventually grows to a full scale enterprise.

FCC companies team up with a virtual zone that gives the luxury of operating virtually with an efficient full-fledged office. FCC is specifically designed for individuals or clients who wish to keep the cost as low as possible. This favors start-up and smaller companies.

Various Segments in Fujairah Creative City

Licenses are available under the following categories

Benefits of Free Zone Company Setup Fujairah Creative City


Structuring of Business Operations in Fujairah Creative City

The business operations in the Fujairah Creative City can be structured in either one of the following ways:

Features of Free Zone Company Setup Fujairah Creative City

Features of Opening a Branch Office in Fujairah Creative City

Benefits of Fujairah Creative City include successful business environment with international reach. Get complete support services and utilize flexible business packages to reach potential customers. Facilities in Fujairah creative city allow wide range of business opportunities to meet your specific needs!

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