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General Trading License In Dubai, UAE

It is important to secure the right type of business license, depending on the commercial activity you have in mind. If you need help getting a DED Trading License in Dubai, we can be of assistance.

Some of the different types of Trade License in Dubai are as follows

Tourism License

A Tourism License is required for any business establishment in the hospitality industry, or related to it. Examples of businesses that require a Tourism License are hotels, resorts, restaurants, tour operators, travel companies, car rental agencies, cruise boat services, and the like.

A Tourism License is issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai, and we can help you ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in order and the requisite approvals obtained from the corresponding Government agencies.

There are four kinds of Tourism Licenses

Inbound Tourism License: This type of license allows you to conduct organized tours in Dubai. An Inbound Tourism License holder is also permitted to organize trips for business travellers, that is, those on a business visa, apart from those on tourist visas. Insurance is mandatory to protect both the License holder as well as the consumer in case of any eventuality.

Outbound Tourism License: This type of License allows you to conduct organized trips beyond the geographical limits of the emirate of Dubai. With an Outbound Tourism License, you could take tourists / business travellers on trips to the pristine beaches of Fujairah, or enable them to experience Khor Fakkan, the hidden paradise of the United Arab Emirates. An Outbound Tourism License also allows you to do everything an Inbound Tourism License holder can.

Travel Agency License: This type of License allows you to do everything an Outbound Tourism License holder can, plus offer airline or international cruise tickets and/or visa support. Insurance is still mandatory. A No Objection Certificate is required from the Department of Civil Aviation before one can apply for a Travel Agency License. The Local Sponsor can request the NOC by submitting an application in Arabic.

Tour Guide License: This type of License is mandatory if you want to be able to accompany tourists and/or business travellers as a tour guide. It requires you to be proficient with the UAE’s tourist destinations, as well as be intricately familiar with the history and the culture of the United Arab Emirates. You have to take an exam to be granted a Tour Guide License, which is valid for only one year. You have to subsequently renew your License every year by passing a refresher course for tourist guides in the UAE.

Craftsmanship License

A Craftsmanship License is, as the name suggests, issued to craftsmen. A craftsman is defined by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department as someone who practices a craft independently, and for profit. He/She must be dependent on his/her physical efforts and/or the use of specialized tools or equipment.

Examples of craftsmen include artisans, sculptors, designers, wood carving experts, carpenters, and blacksmiths.

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Agriculture License

An Agriculture License is for those involved in agriculture. Those intending to own or operate livestock farms or fisheries must first secure an Agriculture License before commencing their business operations.

The requisite permissions from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries must be obtained prior to applying for an Agriculture License. Additional approvals from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health too may be required, depending on the size of the farm and the activities proposed to be undertaken by it.

Need Professional Assistance Getting a DED Trading License in Dubai, UAE?

We can help you get the right kind of trading license in Dubai for your business operations. Our team of friendly and best business setup consultants in Dubai works in tandem with our legal consultants to ensure that all the paperwork is in order when submitting an application for a DED trading license in Dubai, UAE.

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