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UAE is a favorite business hub for investors who wish to expand their existing business or start with their new ventures. UAE offers multilingual and highly advanced personnel along with a stable regulatory environment and a progressive culture of innovation, which makes incorporating a business in UAE a lucrative opportunity for business persons. The popularity behind free zone business setup Dubai and business incorporation in UAE can be credited to its prospering economy and abundant resources.

Free zone business setup allows specific business industry or categories to operate their entities. The free zones are free from UAE mainland taxes, employment, and export-import restrictions. Starting a business in free zone can be an attractive option for foreign investors. UAE has more than 45 free zones, out of which around 30 are in Dubai alone. Choosing the right free zone requires deep knowledge of the market. So you need to have someone experienced in matters of business setup in Dubai freezone by your side.

Free zone business setup UAE completely depends on the business conditions, office requirements, visa requirements, and investment. Register your business in the free zone that enables economic growth. omeone who knows everything there is to know about Dubai freezone company setup can be an immense asset to have in your corner. A company formation expert with years of experience when it comes to business setup in Dubai freezone can lend his/her expertise to make a difference.

How to initiate free zone business setup UAE?

To register your company in any of the free zone, follow the below given steps,

Select a business type and required license

Each free zone in Dubai has their own rules for the business activities and license type. Commercial activity cannot be mixed with service activities; it’s a general rule for all the free zones.  Get the license according to your business activity!

Choose a free zone

While involving in a Free zone business setup in Dubai, have a clear understanding about the free zones and business activities allowed in each free zone. Choose the suitable free zone with the help of professional consultation.

Select a corporate structure

Decide your company’s corporate structure; it can be an individual company, subsidiary with shareholders, joint venture, LLC, or branch of foreign company.

Choose your trade name and prepare documents

Select a trade name for your company and prepare the list of documents required by the chosen free zone. The standard list of documents include,

Initial Approval

Get initial approval for the company name, business activity and proposed company structure.

Sign legal documents for company incorporation

After getting initial approval, a meeting will be arranged with the free zone representative. This can be avoided in certain cases where you can provide power of attorney and notarized documents to the representative.

Business location

To proceed with the final stage, find a commercial property within the chosen free zone. Find the suitable option and sign a tenancy contract to avail the Ejari certificate.

Collect the business license

After registering all the documents and obtaining all the approvals. The license will be issued along with corporate documents.

When properly planned, the business setup process will take around 1 to 4 weeks. Each license is valid for 1 year and must be renewed annually.

Free zone business setup UAE benefits

At A&A Associate, we supervise the entire process of incorporation for our clients. It includes:

We are well-informed about the company formation rules and regulations. We have been establishing businesses all over UAE. Ease your free zone business setup with our dedicated services and launch your business dreams into action. Our Dubai freezone company setup experts have been personally handpicked for their expertise in Business Consulting, Tax Advisory, Legal, and Corporate Finance. They can see to it that business setup in Dubai freezone is a smooth, uncomplicated affair.

Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai

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