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Professional License

Learn how you can get a Professional License in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Get Professional License in Dubai, UAE

Getting an appropriate license is mandatory, to begin with, a business in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development (DED) provides three different types of licenses for entrepreneurs. It’s a commercial license for trading activities, an industrial license for manufacturing activities, and a professional license for professional activities. 

A professional license is unique and holders of this license can only indulge in selective types of industries. DED issues a professional license to business engaging in service-oriented activities or individuals holding a professional degree with ample experience in a particular profession. 

Professional License

Who needs a professional license in Dubai?

A&A  Associate supports individuals and businesses with the required professional license to kick-start their venture. Dubai has a designed administrative system and it’s significant to choose the right type of license for your company setup. 

Any individual or company with trained skills can be termed as professionals. Individuals or companies that require a professional license include, 

Professional License

What are the advantages of having a professional license in Dubai?

Professional License
Professional License

How to get a Professional License?

Initially, begin with the paperwork! Preparing the right documents before the process could be time-saving. The amount of paperwork depends upon the nature of the business. 

List of documents required for licensing,

The process of obtaining a professional license requires daily dealing with the DED. Getting a professional license in Dubai is easy, but it’s essential to follow an organized procedure. 

DED requires the following,

A&A Associate provides expert service to speed up the licensing process and makes it more effective on cost. 

Professional License
Professional License

What are the documents required for a professional license in Dubai?

Cost of obtaining a professional license

Looking for a Professional license in Dubai’s mainland, it will cost you around AED 14,999 (US$ 4083 approx). This license price includes:

Apart from the basic license fee, you have to pay other related fees that include,

How A&A Associate supports professional firms or individuals in Dubai?

We manage the whole process of establishing your firm with strategic inputs and a consolidated business plan. Some of the services include, 

Get a professional license and kick-start your career as an entrepreneur. Looking for any assistance, feel free to contact us, we’ll be at your service!

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