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The KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) license is a professional permit that educators in Dubai must obtain to work in private schools and educational institutions. The license is issued by the KHDA and is mandatory for all teachers, principals, and administrators. The application process involves meeting certain educational and professional requirements, as well as passing a qualifying exam. The KHDA license must be renewed periodically to remain valid.



A KHDA license demonstrates that an educational institution is operating legally in Dubai and is in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the authority.


A KHDA license indicates that the educational institution meets the quality standards set by the authority, which can enhance its credibility and reputation.

Access to Funding

Some funding agencies require educational institutions to have a KHDA license before they can apply for grants or loans.


Parents and students may be more likely to choose an educational institution with a KHDA license as it ensures a certain level of quality and compliance.


Educational institutions with a KHDA license are required to undergo regular inspections and evaluations, which can help them identify areas for improvement and enhance the quality of education they provide.

Access to International

Educational institutions with a KHDA license may have an easier time forming partnerships with international universities and organizations, as the license indicates a commitment to quality and compliance.

Types of Activities

KHDA License Registration Process

Determine the type of
license needed

Determine the type of license you need based on the type of educational institution or activity you plan to operate.


Prepare the necessary documents required for the license application, including proof of ownership, trade license, lease agreement, business plan, educational curriculum, and other relevant documents.


Submit the license application and documents online through the KHDA e-services portal.

Inspection &

KHDA will conduct an inspection and evaluation of the educational institution or activity to ensure compliance with the regulatory standards.

of fees

Pay the required license fees, which vary depending on the type of license and educational institution or activity.

of license

Once the license application is approved and all fees are paid, KHDA will issue the license.

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