Impact made by SHAMS and IFZA on young entrepreneurs

Startups and SMEs are way ahead of finding innovative business opportunities with reconfigured operations and virtual customer service interfaces! Startups are often initiated by young aspirants without any traditional business background, UAE free zones assure revolutionary infrastructure and often accommodates fresh ideas to compete in a changing market trend!

Sharjah Media city or SHAMS free zone is located in Sharjah and it’s the nearest emirate to Dubai. The free zone was established with the motive of becoming a world-class hub for media and creativity.

Similarly, IFZA free zone accelerates global ambitions with industrial, commercial, and logistics facilities within easy reach. This attracts potential young investors or aspiring entrepreneurs to serve the business community. SHAMS and IFZA free zones are the ideal destinations for young entrepreneurs when registering their companies in the UAE. Free zone impact opens the door for small and medium-sized businesses to compete in the market.

Benefits from free trade zones – SHAMS

  • SHAMS support young entrepreneurs by the right digitalization technology and operate across various time zones
  • The free zone is ahead of the curve providing future-driven solutions and cutting-edge technologies to ensure creative engagement.
  • SHAMS free zone provides a more advanced and user-friendly portal for entrepreneurs to understand the process of licensing and legal procedures of starting a business.
  • The free zone has developed a social platform where influencers in UAE work with other influencers on a common platform.
  • SHAMS Free zone impact has a revolution from the traditional business concept providing round the clock integrated services through streamlined services that support both organizations and individuals.
  • It’s a dynamic initiative that strives to achieve strong connection with talented individuals and nurtures a collaborative system by hosting events, training sessions, or any other initiatives that combine like-minded people together!
  • SHAMS free zone supports upcoming young entrepreneurs with exciting business innovations in UAE and develops their perceptions or knowledge.
  • The free zone offers a creative work space with highly-innovative facilities and services that support start-ups as well as established companies from across the world.

Benefits from free zone – IFZA

  • Get modern office impact with a range of solutions like European design, flexible usage options, flexible rental duration, 24/7 access and open interiors with ample natural light.
  • Warehouse facilities including various size options built on highest international logistics standards
  • IFZA free zone assure quality and spacious retail outlet with large storefronts, 24/7 security, and easy access.
  • IFZA has the ability to incorporate holding company providing 100% foreign ownership and multi-access to neighboring or global markets.


Impact of IFZA free zone on young entrepreneurs

  • IFZA supports young entrepreneurs with the most cost-effective and affordable free zone in UAE. Customize the free zone options according to your needs, price and packages may vary depending on the price and packages.
  • Young entrepreneurs get the right promotion, providing feasible solution for new market entrants.
  • IFZA free zone supports consulting, services, and trading activities under single license. Other free zones require both consulting license and trading license which cost more or limit business offering.
  • IFZA free zone assures easy company setup procedure with digital signatures and other hassle-free time saving process.

Impact of SHAMS free zone on young aspirants

Besides the basic benefits from free zones, like full ownership, 0% income or corporate taxes, 100% repatriation of profits, SHAMS boast a number of other advantages that makes it unique and impactful among young entrepreneurs!

  • SHAMS free zone offer cost-effective licensing options for companies in Sharjah. Turn your business ideas with low license cost and turn into aspiring business owners.
  • SHAMS business setup is much easy which doesn’t even require your presence in UAE. It’s possible within 3 days at most.
  • Get consistent support by featuring your company on the free zone’s online platform, websites, and even social media pages. Take part in active workshops on a regular basis to enhance the growth of your business.

As a final note, A & A associate assure successful company formation in free zones like SHAMS and IFZA!


How do we support company setup in free zone?


  • Low-cost company formation
  • Fast and easy procedures
  • Ease of bank account opening
  • LLC suffix to the company name
  • Ability to incorporate foreign companies


Free zone impact is huge among small business owners and young entrepreneurs. Free zone supports start-ups to multinational companies providing a wide range of business activities at affordable price compared to

Aspiring young entrepreneurs get the right space to kick-start your initiative! We support business owners with innovative company setup solutions!

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