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Tourism is one of the key contributors to the economy of the United Arab Emirates. We help you secure a Tourism License in Dubai.


Tourism license in Dubai | A&A Associate

Currently, Dubai has placed itself among one of the most visited cities in the world. According to recent report of 2018, Dubai is the world’s 4th most visited city with more than 16 million international tourists. Dubai lack naturally beautiful places as it is a desert but it achieved this status due to visionary leadership that converted this barren desert in one of the world’s most beautiful and modern cities.

But tourists are not only visiting Dubai for entertainment, but medical tourism and Halal tourism in UAE and Dubai are also playing their part for attracting millions of tourists in Dubai annually. Several people also visit Dubai for better job and business opportunities as well.

In order to start a travel and tourism business in Dubai, one has to acquire tourism license for this purpose. According to the activity of tourism business, there are three types of tourism licenses available in Dubai. These include:
Tourism License

Tourism license for outbound tour operator

This type of license allows a company to organize outbound trips. This visa is helpful for businesses to work inside as well as outside the country in travel and tourism. Outbound tour operators primarily assist people visiting to other countries from UAE.

Tourism license for inbound tour operator

This is an opposite type of license of the above one. This license allows license-holders to organize inbound tourist trips for visitors. This license also allows the operator to organize global conferences and exhibitions.

Tourism license for travel agents

This type of license is for service agents who can open agency. Holders of this license can sell air tickets outside the country and also provide visit visa to customers.

Tourism License


The authority that approves tourism and travel license in Dubai is the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Following are important documents that have to be submitted for approval of travel and tourism license.

New incentives by government

In order to make the license approval process simpler for companies, DTCM has announced new incentives recently.

All these positive changes will make the whole licensing process of tourism business simpler, quicker and low of cost

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