Top 20 outsourcing business ideas in 2021

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Top 20 outsourcing business ideas in 2021


Get ready to start your business setup in the UAE; we have compiled a list of business ideas. These ideas will help you to start and grow your business with a bit of inspiration and room to grow overtime. Business Setup Company in UAE supports your venture by categorizing the business idea according to their investment, type, and potential. 

Great business ideas are the outcome of passion, skills, strategic timing and timing. Outsourcing is one of the best business practices of hiring an outside company to perform services that were traditionally performed by in-house employees or company’s own employees.
Business Setup Company in Dubai usually encourages your business by conducting exact market research and find out the business in highest demand. While most of the businesses outsource their human resource functions like employee training or payroll, some people focus on manufacturing-focused tasks like product design and development. Company formation services ensure detailed market research and offer wide variety of services for complete business setup.
Consider about the investment to start your own business, whether it’s to obtain finance or from your personal investment. While calculating the expense, consider all the factors like business permits, facility costs that include leases, staff, wages, and equipment. After new company formation creates marketing plans that reach your target market and how outsourcing companies help their clients to facilitate their day to day operations.

What are the top 20 business ideas in 2021?

1. Bookkeeping and accounting services in UAE

Accounting consultancy in Dubai with good accounting software or licensed CPA, then it’s time to help out entrepreneurs who could utilize your accounting services to keep their business and personal finances in order. Bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing in Dubai processes the invoices and payroll; compile the expense reports, and more. If you have CPA license, then it helps out business owners to file taxes, generate balance sheets and accounting documents and other professional recommendations about your client’s bottom line. Accounting outsourcing is a lucrative business idea if you have the right skills!

2. Marketing services

Lot of entrepreneurs are aware of their marketing plans and different ways to market their own ventures. Implementing a business plan and achieving that goal can be a very daunting task especially for new entrepreneurs with very less marketing experience. While starting your small business that doesn’t have any in-house people to actualize their marketing goals, you can start by writing blogs, firm up SEO strategy, inbound marketing tatics, generate ad campaigns, and work on all the marketing trends to help them achieve their goals.

3. Tech consulting and implementation

If you’re a tech expert and looking for a complete business setup then, tech consulting and implementation is a perfect opportunity for business. Whether it’s a simple video surveillance system or high-tech implementation like machine-learning, then your technological experience may pay off big time. Since it’s around the pandemic, you can start the business from the comfort of your home and work on it. The businesses are capable of handling tech problems and market your business accurately.

4. Legal service company

Legal service company setup sort out all the legal complications that handle litigation support, analysis or drafting, document review, legal documentation and other sample tasks, most of them never expect outsourced legal squad to protect their company’s legal complications bit, they ensure confidentiality and trust in their every single operation. Most of the accounting firms work on legal services particularly small businesses who can afford employ expert legal professionals.

5. Business consulting

If you have experience in doing business for a long time, then start a business that helps out companies from tight situations through perfect advice and consulting. Convert your years of experience into a brand new career opportunity as independent consultant. Business consultants are usually paid to speak at different industry conferences or events. The company formation services serve on a board of advisors with expert knowledge on shaping the strategy of any existing business on a contract basis. Starting a business consultation is a great option to make sizable income while working on your specific terms. 

6. Social media management

With internet taking over our everyday lives, social media management has become a specific marketing strategy among lot of entrepreneurs. This business setup has a great source of benefits to entrepreneurs. If you’re an internet expert with expertise in instagram, or carry out your whole conversation within 280 characters then, cultivate a client base that need help in their social media platforms.