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5 Easy Steps For Company Formation in UAE

Learn how you can incorporate your company in the United Arab Emirates.


Steps Involved in Getting your UAE Residency Visa:

1. Contact Us for a Free Consultation

UAE laws are diverse with many incorporation options including residency and labor laws.

A&A Associates provides complimentary consultation regarding UAE incorporations to existing and potential clients. Such advice is beneficial for a new company wishing to enter this lucrative market. helping them to navigate through the red tape and complicated procedures.

From Free zone entities to local onshore incorporations, we are up-to-date with new laws and regulations.

The advantages of a UAE incorporation are as follows:

5 Easy Steps For Company Formation in UAE

2. Select your Company Type

The United Arab Emirates offers several incorporation options operating within the various jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction requires decisions on the type of entity and the different types of offices/warehouses/showrooms.

Once complete, there are visa formalities and medical examinations: This may sound overwhelming, but A & A Associate will guide you every step of the way. You will not need to make unnecessary visits to submit or sign documents.
We will advise you on the most suitable package for your needs and ensure your success and continuity. Whether a General trading license, a specialized trading license, industrial license, professional service licenses or any other incorporation type, we aim to provide the most relevant information.
5 Easy Steps For Company Formation in UAE

The Free Zones offer similar incorporation, but which is most suitable for your specific needs?

Which Free Zone is most suitable geographically to the areas of business most relevant to your needs?

How many employees will you accommodate in your offices, and is this possible with the incorporation package you are considering?

These questions and more will arise once you begin to look at incorporating in UAE. We are here to provide information relevant to you.

3. Get a License Notification

Once the necessary documents are obtained and formalized, the initial application process will begin at the relevant issuing authority along with registering the company’s formal name. This crucial stage paves the way for clarification of the final fees and the final acceptance of the company’s proposed activities.

Once you have received the initial approval, we can settle the final fees and expect the issue of the incorporation certificate. A dedicated A&A Associate Corporate Service Officer will guide you through this entire process. The summary of different companies available for you to incorporate are as follows:

Limited Liability Company

5 Easy Steps For Company Formation in UAE
5 Easy Steps For Company Formation in UAE

Professional License company (no limited liability)

Free Zone Company

Offshore company

4. Rapid Bank Account Opening

A&A Associate we consider a company impractical unless it holds a corporate bank account. The exceptions are holding companies created with the sole purpose of holding shares in other companies. Thus, we have developed a banking network and expertise enabling us to open accounts for all companies we register. However, the final decision to open an account depends on the bank. So far, our account opening success rate in the UAE is 100%.

We open bank accounts by correspondence for most international banks with whom we work. However, in the UAE the law requires that the client visit the bank in person. We arrange meeting between banks and our clients at our own offices to ease the process. You are permitted to open personal bank accounts for you and any relatives and/or employees at this stage too. The account becomes active around 5 working days later. You will then be given online access. Requested cards will be dispatched to the address you specified or delivered in person.

Typically, the following facilities are available from the financial establishments with whom we work:

With fifteen years of experience in the field, we select banks that are secure, provide excellent services, and offer a range of banking facilities.

5 Easy Steps For Company Formation in UAE
5 Easy Steps For Company Formation in UAE

How do we choose our banks?

Before selecting a bank, we look at other important characteristics too:

Our banking network allows the opening of accounts for any type of activity and to suit our diverse clientele. We arrange all the relevant paperwork to open the bank account, allowing our clients to simply focus on the development of their business strategy whilst they rest assured that we are dealing with the administrative processes.

5. Visa Processing & Stamping

There are a few mandatory formalities to complete before you receive a UAE Residence Visa. We guide clients step-by-step through UAE’s immigration formalities. Our specialized team of public relations officers endeavour to streamline the process and make it as fast as possible, allowing our valued clients to focus on their business performance. We also provide immigration advice concerning your family and staff, should you require it.

The immigration process falls under two basic categories. The first is residency; the second combines residency with work permits so you may work commercially in the country. The various entities involved are the Naturalization and Residency Departments, and the Department of Labour. The Ministry of Interior may also be a part of the formalities.

Once a company is formally incorporated in any of the UAE jurisdictions, the residency visa process begins. This is a simple process involving a medical exam. This is mandatory for residency.

Generally, the medical examination takes a maximum of 5 working days although this can be expedited in most cases with an urgent medical application.

Once the Residence Visa is approved, there is a simple process of entering it into your passport. You will also receive you’re an Emirates Identification Card. For persons wishing to take up employment, it is mandatory to obtain a labour card from the Labor Ministry.

Our dedicated corporate service officers will be at hand throughout to assist you and speed up the process where possible.

5 Easy Steps For Company Formation in UAE
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