UAE World's second safest country

UAE is Ranked as the World’s Second Safest Country

The last two years have thrown many challenges not only on individuals and corporates but the country at large. COVID-19 has taught a new lesson to every country to manage their people, industries, and overall safety of their people in a far new style than it was two years back.

Most of the countries and their business environment collapsed in front of this new threat as no one was ready for the pandemic situation which shook the world by its intensity and the speed of spread from one place to other. The business was on its knee and people were afraid to start anything new.

In such a difficult time the leadership of the UAE lead from the front and managed the pandemic well and paved a new way for the world. The country and the leadership have proved to be resilient and taking care of all measures to safeguard its people and business community to sustain and come out from the most difficult phase.

In 2021 UAE has been ranked the second safest country in the world by Global Finance Magazine. It is a great honor for any country to have and now UAE is ranked top in the world for vaccination of its people against the COVID-19.

UAE offers the world’s most advanced infrastructure for business to prosper, and the safety of the people is always on high priority. A tax-free regime offers 100% repatriation of money to your home country. Entrepreneurs have all favorable conditions for them to excel here in the UAE. It is time to plan your business and get a license to kick off your business in UAE.

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