UAE announces relaxing of Islamic laws for personal freedom

UAE is getting closer to a tourist-friendly destination. The country has announced major liberalization in the Islamic laws allowing great freedom to its citizen. Islamic law relaxation has been welcomed across the board and they never find the laws to be different or constricting.


The Gulf nations especially UAE are in a mode of revamping their social norms and laws to promote an image of freer land to promote business and tourism. The broadening of Islamic law UAE reflects a changing profile of the country, where it’s sought into a westernized destination for tourists, fortune-seekers, and businesses despite its Islamic legal code that has activated court cases against foreigners and created outrage in their home countries. The UAE law updates aim to boost country’s economic and social standing! The move has a historic US-brokered deal to normalize the relationship between UAE and Israel; it’s expected to bring in Israeli tourists and huge investments.

UAE updates on Islamic Laws

  • Allowing alcohol

Using UAE Law relaxation allow changes that include scrapping penalties for alcohol consumption, sales, and possession for those above 21 or over. It was announced in the state-run news agency and detailed information from the State-linked newspaper!

Earlier, individuals need a license to purchase, transport, or have their own alcohol consumption in their homes. This allows Muslims who have been stopped from obtaining licenses to drink or consume beverages freely.


  • Cohabitation of unmarried couple


The cohabitation of unmarried couples has been a crime in UAE. Especially, authorities following Islamic law in Dubai, tend to look at other ways when it comes to foreigners, but the threat of punishment still lingered in the society!


  • Protect women’s rights


In order to protect women’s rights, the government would get rid of laws defending ‘honor crimes’. The punishment for a crime to eradicate a woman’s shame, cultural strictures or disobeying religious will be same as any other kind of assault.
Islam and personal freedom reflects the changing profile of UAE! Emirates rulers keep pace with the rapidly changing society!




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