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Robin Philip CEO of A&A Asssociate


Leading the Way in International Business Consulting and Accounting

From setting a clear vision, making strategic decisions, fostering innovation, to leading a team to achieve goals, an effective leader plays a crucial role in guiding and steering an organization towards success. One such leader is Robin Philip, Founder and Group CEO of A&A Associate LLC. Robin began his career in the finance sector, working at a prestigious bank in India, where he discovered a passion for assisting individuals with their banking needs. Driven by a desire to support entrepreneurs and startups, as well as share his wealth of knowledge and experiences, Robin founded A&A Associate.
Initially, the focus of A&A Associate was on providing accounting and auditing services to companies in the UAE, addressing the increasing demand for such specialized services. Over time, under Robin’s leadership, the company evolved its services to encompass comprehensive business formation solutions in the UAE. This expansion covered a spectrum from licensing to liquidation services, reflecting Robin’s commitment to helping individuals worldwide realize their aspirations of establishing successful businesses in the UAE.
Robin Philip’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of visionary leadership, as he navigated from a banking career in India to founding and leading A&A Associate, playing a pivotal role in the growth and success of the company. Let’s hear from him.

Awards and Recognition

Define A&A Associate LLC as an organization and its position in the market.

A&A Associates LLC stands out as a prominent business setup and consulting organization based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company specializes in providing a comprehensive array of solutions to both local and international clients seeking to establish businesses in the UAE. Boasting over 15 years of industry experience, A&A Associates has garnered a reputation for delivering outstanding service, fostering trust, and ensuring reliability among its clientele.
A&A Associates has earned recognition as an award-winning ISO 9001:2015 certified company, reflecting its commitment to maintaining high-quality standards through its Quality Management System. The organization has achieved notable acclaim in the industry, receiving prestigious accolades such as the Great Place To Work and Best Work Places in UAE awards. Further accolades include the Global Business Outlook Award for the Fastest Growing Startup in the UAE, consecutive UAE SUPERBRAND awards for 2023 and 2024, the MEA Award for the Fastest Growing Startup, and the Clutch Award for the Best B2B Company. Notably, A&A Associates has also been acknowledged as a top consulting partner by prominent entities like Meydan FZ, SHAMS, and Asia Business Outlook. These accolades solidify A&A Associates’ standing as a leading company in the UAE, renowned for its exceptional services and global recognition from reputable certification bodies.

Within our industry, the significance of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances cannot be overstated. We remain consistently vigilant and receptive to collaboration, actively seeking partnerships that provide access to novel markets, technologies, or resources. Our commitment extends to ongoing assessments of opportunities for alliances or mergers that align harmoniously with our strategic objectives. Additionally, we place a continuous emphasis on Market Diversification, exploring prospects in new geographic regions or venturing into different verticals within the local market.


Our overarching goal is to cultivate a comprehensive and efficacious corporate growth strategy that positions the company for success within the dynamic business landscape of the UAE.

Our core belief revolves around considering our people and processes as invaluable assets. We recognize the pivotal role of empowering our top managers for achieving success. Creating an open and transparent work environment is essential in facilitating everyone to contribute their best and flourish in a competitive setting. As a leader, emphasis is placed on optimizing processes to provide robust support to our team and elevate client experiences.

Generally, the outlook for business setup companies in the UAE appears optimistic. The UAE has actively pursued strategies to attract foreign investment and entrepreneurs, implementing business-friendly policies and regulatory reforms.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands out as a dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment, offering numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs. Notable business prospects in the UAE include Technology and Innovation, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate, Logistics and Transportation, Education and Training, Sustainability and Green Initiatives, Fintech, and Cryptocurrency, among others. According to the Dubai Statistics Center, the emirate's population experienced a growth of 86,607 within a year as of July 2023, with plans to double it by 2040. This substantial growth is expected to create significant demand, indicating that the market is not saturated, and there remains ample room for expansion in the UAE.

Over the past two years, we have experienced a remarkable growth rate of 100%. In the year 2022 alone, we successfully facilitated the registration of more than 3,100 companies, marking a significant surge compared to previous periods. Notably, in the last quarter of 2023, we played a crucial role in the formation of over 2,000 companies. Capitalizing on this accelerated growth, our objective is to surpass the milestone of registering over 10,000 companies annually within the next 3-5 years.


Our overarching goal is to secure a substantial market presence, aiming for a 25-30% market share in the UAE. Progress toward this target is well underway, aligning with our strategic vision and aspirations for the future.

The early stages of any startup are laden with challenges, and maintaining a positive outlook during this period is pivotal to determining success or failure. The key ingredients for establishing a robust market presence and attracting customers involve maintaining consistent efforts and fostering transparency throughout the process.

Team Members


Vice President

Sandeep Anand

General Manager
(Accounting Division)


Head of Sales

Ziad Rukoz

Managing Director
A&A Legal

Mohammed Firoz Khan

Director – Business Development &
Strategic Alliances


Group HR Manager

Siva Kumar

Head of Advisory and

CA Rajaram Durairaj

Head of Audit Division

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