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Obtaining UAE Residency Visa – Except for UAE and GCC national citizens, other nationalities must obtain a UAE residence visa to legally Live / Work in Dubai and other emirates.

For many employed expats, the company that employs them will sponsor them for a UAE residence visa OR you can setup your own company (Free zone or a Local LLC company) and get the residency visa based on being the owner of your company.

A residence visa is also mandatory to obtain a driving license, register a car, apply for a PO Box, to Buy a property, open a bank account in the UAE and so on.

Steps Involved in Getting your UAE Residency Visa:
  1. Applying for the Employment Entry Permit.
  • This can be done in two ways.
  1. Applying for the Permit while the Applicant is in UAE
  2. Applying for the Permit while the Applicant is out of UAE
  1. Once the Entry Permit is approved and issued, The Applicant is required to do the Medical Test and apply for his Emirates ID
  1. Once the Applicant clears his Medical Test etc, the original documents along with the Original Passport are to be submitted to the Immigration Department, where they will verify the documents and stamp the residency visa in the passport.

(The Residency visa stamped in the passport can be of 2 years or 3 years depending on the type of Visa and jurisdiction of the company (Free Zone Company OR Mainland Company through which it was applied)

The above steps may seem like very simple and easy to do but new people attempting to do these with sub steps involved in the whole process, and little knowledge of the locations etc. can end up dragging the process to weeks or month without success as Business owners face many challenges when it comes to point where they have to deal with the government authorities.

At A&A Associate, with our vast knowledge and experience, we assist clients to provide fast as well as hassle free assistance with the residency visa and other corporate PRO services in Dubai; in main land and in most free zones in Dubai.

Our consultants are experienced in PRO services; and are well aware of the constantly changing laws in Dubai and free zones. We are also aware of all the formalities and requirements for most government departments.

Apart from processing the residency visas services, our other PRO services include:

  • Visas for Dependents (Spouse, Kids, Maid and Driver Visas)
  • Renewal of Residency Visas
  • Cancellation of Residency Visas
  • Trade License Renewals
  • Amendments in the License
  • Setting up company P.O.Boxes and Renewals
  • Notarization and Attestation of Documents
Residency Visas & PRO Services – FAQs
  • What are the types of visas A&A Associate can assist with?

A&A Associate provides assistance for all types of visas: employment/Residency visas, visit visas and dependents residence visas, property visas and Golden visas.

  • How can I begin the Visa Process in the UAE?

You can begin by sending us your Passport copy and Passport size Picture and few personal details. But please contact us for the detailed explanation and requirements as we deal with many free zones and sometimes their requirements and processes differ from each other.

  • How long it will take for the visa to be issued?

Issuance of the Entry Permit (which is the 1st Step) is generally done in three to five working days. However, this is subject to approvals by the immigration department.

Then it can take about another week to get the Visa stamping done.

NOTE: Since we deal with many free zones, they have different timelines.

  • How many visas can I obtain when forming my own company in a Free Zone?

The number of visas that your company is eligible for depends on the size of the selected office.

Eg. If you selected a Physical space you will be eligible for 1 visa for every 9 square meters.

  • Can I complete half the visa process and come back later to do the other half? Can I come to UAE to do my medicals and then come back later to do the Emirates ID and the visa stamping part?

No, this is not possible because when you enter UAE on an Entry Permit, you cannot leave UAE until you have completed the rest of the visa formalities (Medicals, Emirates ID and Visa Stamping).

  • How long is my Residency Visa Valid for?

The visas of a Free Zone company are usually valid for 3 years. They can then be renewed for another 3 years and so on.