How to get an Import or Export Code in Dubai

How to get an Import or Export Code in Dubai?

Within the peripheries of a highly globalised world, almost everything that you see in your office or home is either imported or exported. Dubai’s rich topographic location, between Asia, Africa, and Europe has made it the ideal destination for developing a well-interconnected import-export business. Emerging as a lucrative business endeavour, many foreign investors and entrepreneurs are reaching out to top auditing firms in Dubai to tap into the lucrative import-export market. 


Boasting impressive economic development and top-notch transport infrastructure, which features unparalleled road, ports and airport connectivity has made it easier to operate an import-export business. With low import and export taxes, it is much simpler to turn a profit. However, to import or export goods to Dubai from the rest of the world, it is a legal requirement for businesses to take the route of top auditing firms in Dubai and have a custom client code.

Understanding Dubai Customs Client Code

A Dubai customs client code provides the company with the approval for importing or exporting goods to and from Dubai. If you’re looking forward to running any import or export business from the UAE, it is mandatory to register with Dubai Customs which one can do by reaching out to top accounting firms in Dubai. 


Following the completion of the application, top auditing firms in Dubai will help you get a Dubai customs client code. From thereon, the auditing firms in Dubai will help leverage this code on paperwork when importing or exporting goods from the UAE. 


Every company receives a unique customs code which is valid until its business license expires. Post which, the Dubai customs code can be renewed based on the renewal of license.

Is it mandatory for businesses to have a customs code?

It is a legal requirement for businesses engaged in the import or export of goods in Dubai, UAE, to have a customs code. This code is essential for customs clearance and compliance with import and export regulations in the UAE.

Documents Required To Apply For A Customs Client Code In Dubai

  • A copy of your trade license
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of EID and Visa
  • An undertaking letter
  • Your phone number
  • Details about your business
  • Details of your facility
  • User’s profile
  • Finalizing the registration process

It’s important to note that once Dubai Customs has reviewed your application and approved it, your customs client code will be generated and electronically delivered to you.


Dubai Customs operates in accordance with the laws of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), other pertinent Federal and National legislations, and adheres to various international protocols and agreements. For comprehensive information about Dubai Customs, please refer to the official website of Dubai Customs.


The business code will be suspended, if it is not renewed within 60 days from its expiry date

Custom Code Registration in Dubai

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