How to deal with financial stress

Tips to overcome your financial stress in business

Covid-19 has created a huge impact in our daily lives; millions of people are left jobless over the last year. Most of the unemployed people across the globe are struggling to cover up their utility bills and other daily needs. For entrepreneurs, the covid-19 effect is even more severe and precarious.

Financial stress is haunting every single entrepreneur because of this pandemic. Unfortunately, the customers are reduced and entrepreneurs still have overhead expenses to be covered. Even if the operations are done online, business owner have to pay for the rent, utility, insurance costs, and other financial needs. In certain cases, business owners are obliged to provide the cost of suppliers, even if they are not able to use the items. Even if there are provisions to defer payments, once, they start with the trading, these payments should be accomplished.

All the above reasons add up to the entrepreneur’s financial stress!

What is financial stress?

Dealing with financial stress starts when your wallet is empty and goes on to ruin your health if you’re not careful with it. Financial stress occurs due to financial crisis, the person may feel unhappy or distressed due to the financial difficulties.

Financial stress in business may arise from the following issues like high debt, money for some important requirements like low income, medical expenses, fear of bankruptcy, and while being jobless. Such situations create stress and completely affect the health of a person. 

While dealing with financial stress, take it in the right way, taking it silly can lead to serious problems like suicidal attempts. 

What are the signs of financial stress?

How to identify that you’re into financial stress? There are quite a number of signs that indicate entrepreneurs stress in the growing competitive market. 

Some of the common signs include,
Poor cash-flow

Most of the businesses are forced to shut down, this obviously shuts off cash flow. All the businesses experience periodic dip when there is a financial crisis, but when there is no money generated on-site; entrepreneurs are bound to feel financial stress. 

High-interest debt

Most of the lending companies are cautious about the success of businesses particularly in case of start-ups or new enterprises. For this reason, businesses may have high-interest debt which increases the business owners’ stress. 

High-outstanding receivables

Since, most of the companies exhibit same financial concern, so, the outstanding receivable amounts have gone increasingly higher. If you’re expecting to receive payments from your customers within 30 days, now you will have to wait far longer. There are chances that your customers may have shut their business and not in a position to pay their outstanding debts. 

How financial problems affect your life?

Financial stress builds over time and becomes a huge problem for your life. If not recognized, you may fall into deep depression. The stress caused due to financial problems lead to a wide range of health problems and seriously affects your day to day life. 

Some of the symptoms of financial stress include,

How to deal with financial stress?

While recession affecting many industries and it’s a tough period for entrepreneurs. In such situations, it’s significant to find strategies to deal with the financial stress. Depending on your situation, find it as a financial stress help to find clarity and manage pressure, so that you can run your business smoothly. 

Have a good relationship with money

Creating a healthier relationship with money will reduce your stress, overcome fear, and allows you to focus on what brings in more revenue. 

Entrepreneurs can do some things like,

Understanding is the perfect way to overcome your stress. If you want to have good control over business finances, then obviously learn how to do it. Understanding various factors plays a significant role in making decisions, planning for future and more. Business owner’s stress can be reduced by learning more about the financial side of their business. Enroll in a series of online courses or choose any other way to learn more about fiscal management. 

Hire professionals to organize your finances and plan for the future.
Plans for long-term

Successful entrepreneurs have good strategy, they focus on long-term moves. This allows them to understand the most powerful way to scale a business. You may have to work until your body or mind can no longer handle it, but have a financial plan to take care of your family, even if you’re not running the business. 

To overcome the financial stress in business, prepare a plan that includes,
Make necessary adjustments

It’s not possible to affect the profit directly instead, adjust variables that determine the level of your profitability. It’s essential to have a multi-dimensional strategy and align larger goals.

In such challenging times, it’s crucial to identify the necessary adjustments to perform, this includes

Track expenses – it’s a potential step in financial stress management. While conducting a proper evaluation of fixed and variable expenses compare this with your revenue status and get a clear picture on where you stand financially and assist in planning ahead. 

Feasibility of business model – in the changing market, reassess your business stands and understand whether your business model is still feasible to compete in the market. Entrepreneurs will have to evaluate the impact of revenue and cost, identify the presence of new sales, credit cycles, and bad debts. Make sure to have consistent cash flow that allows your business to run smoothly without any interruptions. 

Evaluate future policies – we cannot estimate the time period of current conditions, so evaluate and adjust the policies periodically like for next month, three month, and year-long. 

Don’t depend on Credit card debt

Credit card is an easy source of money but, leaves you in harm without proper handling. This increases the financial stress in business and can harm your personal financial goals too. The idea to roll over credit card debt to no interest credit cards will take a long period. Instead, if you want to build something great, save up for the entrepreneurial journey and utilize the potential benefits. 

Professional support

Professionals support financial stress management by providing better solutions at the right time. If you have come across bankruptcy-like situation, then consider seeking professional support. Financial experts will manage your financial stress and advice on how to pay off debts or loans. 

Change your view on money

The key to dealing with financial stress is to change your attitude towards money. Think of spending smarter, invest more, and save your money. 

A simple change in your financial perspective can result in huge improvements. 

Instead of using the formula, INCOME + FEWER EXPENSES = SAVINGS 


Stick to the formula and keep your money grow!

Managing people and stress

While dealing with financial stress, ensure that you manage your team. Maintain a working relationship by splitting your staff into shifts or make arrangements for work from home. Have a cool relationship, so you can call back your employees once things get back to normal. 

Believe to overcome financial stress

You’re the only obstacle to get rid of your financial stress. Believe that you can solve your financial problems. There are people who have been in worse financial straits and so, get out the dilemma. Hopelessness will lose control over the situation, so believe that you can control your finances and bring hope back into your home. 

Ideal work-life balance

Enhance financial stress management by maintaining a good balance between work and home, 

Even if you’re working long hours, 

Focus on good news

Entrepreneurs should focus on the great things, don’t just look on your drawbacks. Instead, search for the good things and be at peace. 

Prioritize mental health

Finally, how to deal with financial stress? Ensure to prioritize mental health. As an entrepreneur, it’s inevitable to handle financial stress on a regular basis. Practice self-care and ensure fiscal responsibility. Keep your mental health at its best, take time to unwind ever day. 

It may be a tough task to meet the deadlines, proposals to review, and make decisions. But, you should ensure to carry out the business in the right direction. Dedicate some time for yourself and find difference in the stress levels. Don’t feel stressed, worried or unsure about your finances and their impact on your business. Create wealth that allows freedom in work! 

We live in an innovative world, which means there are solid resources to bring clarity, plan and overcome your financial stress. No matter, what’s your financial stress in business?, always remember there is a solution for it. Stay focused and deal with financial stress as effectively as you can. 

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