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How to Conduct an Internal Audit on Your Organization?

Businesses must consistently conduct internal audits to achieve their company goals by evaluating the effectiveness and consistency of their best practices. An internal audit, as opposed to an external one, looks to make sure that the corporate policies and processes are rigorously followed.

Internal audits are typically carried out using internal resources, however, to increase efficiency, businesses outsource them to the top auditing firms in Dubai. You can get assistance from A&A Associate with your auditing, accounting, and legal needs. For further details on this, get in touch with us.


Internal auditing in Dubai examines internal processes and controls and notifies management of any significant flaws. Internal audits in Dubai, when conducted consistently, can assist companies in managing performance and ensuring high standards of quality. A company’s internal controls, corporate governance, and accounting processes are evaluated through an internal audit, which is primarily related to risk management.


Before external audits, internal audits enable management and the board of directors to find and fix process issues. Perform an internal audit by following the eight steps below if you want to increase a company’s efficiency or stop fraud.

What is Internal Auditing?

The goal of internal auditing is to increase the effectiveness of the organization’s strategy through independent procedures, objective assurance, and consulting. It cultivates a systematic and regulated approach to the business’s financial success. It is an analysis of a company’s internal controls, risk management, and governance procedures. contact A&A Associate, a auditing and accounting firms in Dubai for further details.

  • Determine the Areas That Require Auditing

It is not practical to audit each and every process within your company. Finding certain areas whose audits will aid in your organization’s actual growth is a preferable solution. For instance, conducting an internal audit of your financial procedures will help you determine whether or not your spending is appropriate. If your business is successful in locating the areas that require assessment, you will have made the first step toward leading the organization to success.

Make a list of all the areas that need to be audited first. Internal audit is a tried-and-true procedure that can guarantee ongoing development of internal controls or the accounting procedure. To get the results you want, though, you must remain clear from the beginning. To successfully audit the internal controls within the organization, use the services of the best internal audit firms in Dubai.

  • Establish How Frequently Audits Should be Performed

It is crucial to accurately determine the audit frequency if you want to successfully conduct internal audits in your company. If you look more closely, you might find that some sections need annual audits while others might need half-yearly or quarterly audits. In general, quality control sectors might need audits more frequently than financial operations, but not always.

  • Planning for the Audit  

Without sufficient planning and appropriate timing, an internal audit will not be successful. By creating an audit calendar in advance, you can prevent conflicts with the processes. The availability of the team members needed for the internal audit services in Dubai is guaranteed through careful scheduling. It enables you to make sure that every single region gets audited, in essence. The smooth completion of the audit depends on the internal auditing process being approached in a structured and systematic manner.

  • Notify Departments of Upcoming Audits

Every department should be informed of a forthcoming internal audit as a matter of courtesy so they can be ready. If they are informed in advance, the department members can arrive with the necessary paperwork and other materials, such as support for the action plans. Giving your staff advance notice demonstrates that you value their right to know about the actions of the company. However, you are excused from not informing the team members if the audit relates to suspicious activity.

  • Document and Evaluate Audit Results

To determine whether the processes are operating as intended or not, you should document the audit findings after internal auditors in Dubai have finished their tasks. It will also assist you in determining which areas need work. The areas that need urgent attention and those that can be reviewed or corrected later can be analyzed after the audit findings have been noted.

  • Conduct Research to Create and Carry Out Action Plans

It is time to look into the areas the audit findings stated to determine the root cause and develop an appropriate action plan. The level of risk connected to the concerns detected determines the investigation, development of the action plan, and implementation. You are free to use any way you wish to look into the root problem. However, it should be completed quickly because you can not afford to wait for the problems to arise again because that could result in overhead costs. To ensure accurate audit findings, it is advisable to entrust your internal audit needs to the best audit firms in Dubai.

  • Complete the Audit Follow-ups and Effectiveness Review

You can do an effectiveness review and audit follow-up as the last step to determine the effectiveness of the action plan. Keep in mind that this is just as crucial as planning and the internal audit procedure. Additionally, following up on audit results serves as a reminder for audit tasks that require quick attention. These actions are essential because a streamlined and uniform audit process guarantees that you follow compliance standards and the best practices in your field.

Dubai’s Internal Auditing Benefits

Internal auditing aids in the formation of effective management within the organization by increasing efficiency while upholding rigorous control over activities.

  • Fixes errors and frauds found in the books of accounts simplifying the final audit procedure
  • Increases employee performance by fixing any mistakes are immediately  
  • Helps in the rigorous identification of hazards and the firm’s weaknesses
  • Helps to minimize costs and make efficient use of available resources
  • Evaluates the systems and controls employed by the company
  • Discourages fraud

You can better understand the flaws in your organization’s internal controls and procedures by conducting internal audits before an external audit. Even though some businesses do internal audits using their resources, hiring the best audit companies in Dubai for the audit leads to superior outcomes. For conducting internal audit services in Dubai, look no further than A&A Associate if experience and qualified auditors are more important to you. A&A Associate has provided many years of outstanding service in the UAE and can boast of a number of well-known clientele. You may apply the best practices of corporate governance within your company with the aid of our internal audit services in Dubai. For additional information, contact us at tel:+971564086728 or by mail at [email protected].

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