Everything you need to know about UAE – Israel flights

UAE Israel relations has become closer in the recent years. Following the historic agreement to normalize the relationship between two countries! The UAE Israel peace agreement was agreed on August 2020, where UAE will establish its full diplomatic relations. Israel will suspend its claim to Palestinian – inhabited territories on West Bank. The formal signing was hosted on September 2020.  The normalization deal agrees to establish official relations with Israel after Egypt, Jordan, and Persian country. Since, UAE Israel trade potential has been exploring new options for business and investment. According to UAE Israel agreement, they have planned to sign bilateral agreements regarding tourism, investment, technology, energy, healthcare, culture, environment, direct flights, and other areas of mutual benefits. 

Why does the deal matter?

Among the UAE-Israel things to know, after normalization deals, the ministers from UAE and Israel rushed to open phone lines, and unblock internet access. In addition, the pact has put Israel’s plan to annex the different parts of West Bank on ice. It solidifies a growing alliance between Israel and Arab countries. 

UAE Israel pact benefits for UAE

According to the UAE Israel news, the agreement enables UAE to develop a commercial and diplomatic security ties with Israel. On the other hand, it helped Palestinians by allowing Israel to halt annexation.  The UAE Israel deal could give UAE, the access to previously off-limits U.S weaponry. Just like, Egypt was able to secure American arms after the peace deal with Israel.  UAE has an opportunity to collaborate on healthcare and technology with Israel. It all occurred amidst of the great pandemic Covid-19. After the pact, UAE based national investment agreed to conduct research on the corona virus pandemic with the Israel’s TeraGroup

UAE Israel Peace agreement benefits for Israel

Building a diplomatic relationship with Arab countries has been a strategic goal for Israel. It’s accomplished with this peace treaty.  This signals the acceptance in the Middle East and more potential in commercial ties, where the country has conducted very less business of its own. It could start the wave of normalization with Bahrain and Sudan!

UAE –Israel flights

The peace treaty affects the airlines of respective countries. Etihad previously operated several direct aid flights from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv that indicates a reduction of tension in the region.  The first of these flights was the first ever UAE registered aircraft to land in Israel.  Direct routes are not going to be straightforward soon, as it has to pass through the Saudi Arabian airspace.  But, the first commercial flight from Tel Aviv by El Al was permitted to overfly Saudi Arabia. It was carrying the top US officials who brokered the UAE-Israel deal. The flight took just three hours instead of seven hours required to skirt Saudi airspace! The flydubai aircraft was landed in Dubai with approximately 200 Israeli’s on board. It was a return journey of the first commercial flight to Israel. The UAE Israel peace agreement makes it a dream come true situation or passengers who enter UAE with their Israeli passport. Now, the Emirati budget airliner is offering twice daily flights between two cities. By initiating scheduled flights, it contributes to the economic development and investment opportunities for Israeli’s. Let the UAE Israel trade potential flourish all over the world!

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