Do public accounting firms work on weekends?

Do public accounting firms work on weekends?

In the world of public accounting, long hours and tight deadlines are often considered the norm. But what about weekends? Do public accounting firms in UAE require their employees to work on Saturdays and Sundays? In this blog post, we will delve into this topic and shed light on the weekend work culture in public accounting firms.


The Busy Season Effect

Public accounting firms typically have a busy season, where workload and client demands reach their peak. This is usually during tax season, which is the period leading up to the annual tax filing deadline. It is during this busy season that accountants often find themselves working long hours, including weekends, to meet deadlines.

During the busy season, public accounting and Audit firms in UAE strive to provide the best client service and meet crucial filing deadlines. This often requires extra efforts and sacrifices from their employees, including working on weekends. Many accounting professionals are well aware of this demand and willingly make themselves available to work on weekends to ensure that the firm’s clients receive timely and accurate service.


Client Expectations and Demands

Client expectations play a significant role in determining whether public accounting firms need employees to work on weekends. Clients with particular needs or urgent deadlines may require accounting professionals to work during weekends to meet their demands. In such cases, public accounting firms have a responsibility to fulfill these obligations, even if it means extended working hours and weekend work.


For example, a large corporate client embarking on a merger or acquisition may require detailed financial analysis and due diligence. This process often involves working additional hours, including weekends, as the deadline for the merger or acquisition approaches. Public accounting firms must adhere to their clients’ requests and may need to allocate resources, including weekend work, to meet these expectations.


Work-Life Balance

While the busy season and client demands can result in weekend work, public accounting firms understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance for their employees. These top audit firms in UAE recognize that working long hours, including weekends, can lead to burnout and negatively impact employee morale and productivity.

To tackle this issue, many public accounting firms strive to maintain a reasonable workload for their employees and encourage a healthy work-life balance. They do so by implementing policies such as flexible working hours, remote work options, and offering additional time off after the busy season to compensate for the extra hours worked. These measures aim to ensure that employees have adequate time to rest and recharge, reducing the need for excessive weekend work throughout the year.

Utilizing Technology and Automation

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the accounting industry, making certain tasks more efficient and less time-consuming. Public accounting firms have embraced these advancements to streamline their processes and reduce the need for excessive manual work, including weekend work.


Automated systems and software have significantly reduced the time required for tasks such as data entry, reconciliations, and financial reporting. By introducing these technological tools, Auditors in Dubai can complete tasks quicker, allowing their employees to have a better work-life balance and reducing the need for weekend work.



In conclusion, while public accounting firms may require their employees to work on weekends, it is often limited to busy seasons and client demands. These firms recognize the importance of work-life balance and implement policies and measures to ensure that employees have time to rest and recharge. Advancements in technology and automation also play a crucial role in reducing the need for excessive weekend work. As the accounting industry evolves, it is likely that the reliance on weekend work will continue to decrease, translating into improved work-life balance for Auditors in Dubai.

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