Best Business to Start with Low Investment in UAE

Entrepreneurs have found a welcoming environment in the UAE due to the business-friendly laws. Investing in the emirate’s promising business sectors has made a slew of expatriates into multi-millionaires and even billionaires. Many people believe that a large amount of money must be invested to get the best results. Those dreamy-eyed expats and residents will be surprised to learn that starting a business in Dubai or any other emirate in the country with the help of the right business consultant will help you attain the goal in your budget. If you are looking for Best Business to Start with Low Investment in UAE, read along. 


Getting in touch with A&A Associate in UAE can help you achieve your goals and provide you with a slew of new startup business ideas. For this reason, you will have a hassle-free experience in setting up a business in Dubai or any of the other emirates of the United Arab Emirates and reap its rewards. Contact us now.


List of UAE Entrepreneurship Opportunities with Low Start-Up Costs

Because most low-budget enterprises can be launched and run entirely from a single location, a residency is not necessary for some of these enterprises. We have compiled a list of the best businesses to Start with Low Investment in the UAE for your consideration. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and business acumen.


  • E-commerce

UAE has seen a 23% increase in e-commerce sales year on year(YoY) between 2018 and 2022 with sales figures touching approximately USD 27 Billion in the last fiscal year. In the past few years, the retail sales of goods via the online platform in the UAE have become extremely convenient, and as a result, many customers prefer to shop online. The average sale per user is almost AED 450 per transaction in the UAE. With an online business in UAE, you can sell unique products from manufacturers, or you can become an authentic reseller for household goods, footwear, clothing, electronics, etc. E-commerce is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors and if you are considering an eCommerce business setup in UAE, contact A&A Associate to get your e-Commerce license starting at just AED 5500.


  • General Trading

Compared to 42,729 general trading licenses issued in 2020, Dubai has seen a 69% growth with  72,152 new business licenses issued in 2021. This figure is expected to increase in 2022 and future years. The UAE has been known as the hub for trading. General trading is highly favorable in the UAE for foreigners and aspiring entrepreneurs to operate general trades, exports, and imports. Trading services give a great opportunity for investors in the UAE. This allows the business owner to perform commercial transactions at a shop in the emirate under which the license is issued. Trading with customers inside or outside UAE can be made possible in this category.  So now would be the perfect time to indulge in general trading. Check out our blog on how to start your own general trading business in the UAE.


For any assistance regarding company formation for general trading purposes, A&A Associate can help you out.  Contact us now.


  • Technical Services

Owing to the rise of commercial and residential properties in the land of Dubai and other Emirates, the demand for technical services is increasing exponentially.  Electrical Fittings & Fixtures Services, Painting Contracting, Kitchens Installation, Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting, Service Lines Coring & Ditching Contracting, Traffic & Road Signs Installation, Underwater Telecommunications & Power Cables Installation & Maintenance Services, etc are some of the most in-demand services that require technical expertise and customer management facilities. A firm that offers professional technical services is in high demand in Dubai Downtown and other highly populated areas. 


Starting a firm that offers these technical services can easily be done with the help of A&A Associate. 


  • IT Services

Presently there are more than 1600+ companies in Dubai alone that offer professional IT services. IT services like  IoT, VoIP, Networking, Cloud Backup Services, Data Backup, and Restoration, Monitoring services, Managed IT Services, etc are in high demand owing to the influx of businesses into the country and also the competitive acceptance of the latest technology from around the world by the UAE government to better the lives of its inhabitants. The UAE Free Zones are an excellent alternative for keeping startup costs low. They provide world-class facilities and amenities, as well as an IT Service license, as part of an economical company setup package that includes visa quotas for hiring personnel.


  • Accounting Services

UAE is home to millions of businesses with constant financial, commercial, and economic activity. For anyone planning to start their own accounting firm, there are huge opportunities awaiting them in the UAE. 

The introduction of Value Added Tax(VAT) in the UAE has led to the increased demand for experienced accounting professionals in the UAE. According to the VAT Law, businesses must keep accounting records and financial documents in line with the stringent rules and regulations of the UAE Ministry of Economy. A study revealed that accounting services like bookkeeping, tax preparation, and payroll services were the most profit-making small business industry in 2017 in UAE.  


Accounting services also play a major role in preparing comprehensive reports about your company’s financial situation and helping file your tax returns. Many corporations prefer to outsource these services to ensure professionalism and round-the-clock services. Small businesses who try to save on budget fall into the pitfall of “Do It Yourself” accounting and may cost dearly in penalties and fines. 


Whether it’s bookkeeping services, payroll services, account reconciliations or financial reporting, A&A Associate is at your service with professional accounting services for your business.  


  • Cloud Kitchen

One of UAE’s most profitable businesses has always been the restaurant industry. Restaurants produce services worth nearly 20 Billion AED, making it one of the most lucrative businesses In the UAE where there are a large number of bachelors, as well as single immigrants, who depend on the food industry. Although the cost of starting a restaurant is high, it is well worth the effort. Contact us for your restaurant business setup in the UAE


For those preferring a low-cost business setup in UAE, there are other budget-friendly alternatives to the restaurant industry like the Cloud Kitchen. Cloud Kitchen or Dark Kitchen refers to the food business that deals exclusively with the food delivery and does not have a dine-in facility. Food can be ordered using online platforms and delivered either using their own employees or by partnering with established delivery partners like Ubereats, Deliveroo, etc. The cost to set up and maintain a cloud kitchen will only be a fraction of running a full-scale restaurant. 

Food that tastes good and has a high level of quality will quickly become accepted by society. It is a good idea to cook food that appeals to the tastes of young people working in the UAE. To promote your business, make use of social media platforms, your personal network, and any other tools at your disposal.


  • Business Consultation Service

In UAE, there are thousands of companies being registered every day and the majority of them are owned by expats. Business consultation services have a huge opportunity here. With different types of business licenses and unique regulations depending on where the business is registered, it’s not surprising that these expat owners are unaware of the right business strategies needed to penetrate the UAE market successfully. They are looking for advice from someone who has experience in the field. Business Consultation services come into play here. If you are an expert in your field who knows the ins and outs of the UAE, this is a good business idea for you. Every company requires the experience and backup of seasoned professionals in the UAE who can help with planning business strategies to become successful. Moreover, starting a consulting service is one of the best low-investment businesses to get into.


  • Real Estate

With the latest update, brokerage firms can now be owned completely by foreign investors. The current population of 3.2 million is expected to increase substantially in the coming years and in a matter of weeks, a real estate agent can start making money. The annual rental hikes are capped at 20% as per the law. Your clients will see you as more trustworthy if you provide them with reliable services. Do not lose sight of the importance of establishing a solid foundation in a single area, such as your niche. Once you have established a foothold in one area of real estate, only then should you consider branching out into other areas. The first step is to get a real estate license in the UAE. You can gradually grow your company by hiring more employees. Contact us to know how to get your license easily. 


Since its inception, A&A Associate has provided reliable services to local and international business owners. We offer the best services pertaining to business setup in UAE with open dealings, reliable services, and stellar performances. We take great pride in making people’s aspirations become a reality instead of just a pipe dream. We are known for transforming individuals into successful business owners. 


We are here to help you get your business up and running in the UAE. Contact A&A Associate today to get started on your path to financial success. With a wide range of services at your fingertips, such as business setup, feasibility studies, business plans, VAT-compliant accounting, audit services, legal consultation, corporate structuring, trademark registration, PRO service, bank account service Nominee Services, and other relevant services, we are one of the best business setup consultants in UAE. Reach us through [email protected]. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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