A and A ASSOCIATE L.L.C Supports Emirati and Global Small Businesses

A and A ASSOCIATE L.L.C Supports Emirati and Global Small Businesses

Here at A and A ASSOCIATE L.L.C, we’re known as one of the Gulf’s fastest growing accounting companies. Gaining popularity in the Middle East as a top bookkeeper, we’re known across the UAE.


We’re here to help all sorts of industries streamline their accounting. Using our expert knowledge bookkeeping, financial and accounting outsourcing, tax preparation, payroll processing, business consulting, and more, we’ve assisted organizations across Dubai.


We’re taking time today to call special attention to the small businesses we help. As a small business ourselves as a 2010 startup with less than 250 employees spread across our global offices, we understand the unique challenges that small businesses face.


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on small businesses both here and around the world. Despite best efforts, many Emirati small businesses are expecting to close because of difficulties caused by the global pandemic, ensuing lockdowns, and responsive economic calamities.


We’re supporting small businesses by working with them to create accounting solutions so that they can hit the ground running when we reemerge from the COVID 19 pandemic! There are many ways that you can support small businesses, such as buying gift cards, ordering supplies online from small businesses, outfitting your remote workplace by ordering from local stores, and sharing your favorite stores on your social networks!


Another way that you can help small businesses is to leave a rating and a review on your favorite businesses’ ratings and reviews platform of choice! If you love your corner coffee shop, leave them a review on Yelp! If you love that restaurant down the street, leave them a review on TripAdvisor! If you love that Dubai based accountant, leave them a review on Clutch!

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