How to Register a Company in Dubai From India

How to Register and Set up a Company in Dubai From India?

The Indian new-age investors and entrepreneurs who are planning to register a business in Dubai can now enjoy various benefits. To know more on How to Register a Company in Dubai From India, read on!

To register a company in Dubai from India, you don’t need a local shareholding UAE partner for a mainland business setup, and there are many more business-friendly reforms introduced by the government. 

You can consult with business setup consultants in Dubai such as A&A Associate to enjoy a low-cost business setup in UAE that offers premium services.  

Steps to Register a Company in Dubai From India

Follow this step-by-step guide to register your company in Dubai from India:

  1. Finalize your business activities
  2. Register a unique trading name for your company
  3. Choose a business jurisdiction
  4. Draft the LSA/MOA
  5. Apply for a business license
  6. Apply for a business bank account

Read the detailed version of these steps below:

1. Finalize Your Business Activities

The day-to-day activities of your organization determine the company’s business model. In addition to that, several activities need approvals and certificates, which you must list without fail and submit to the relevant authorities. 


If you want to register your company in a specialized economic zone, then you can choose the free zone setup for your business. However, if you want it on the mainland, you also can register it as a sole establishment or even LLC. The structure of your company fully depends on your chosen business activities.

2. Register a Unique Trading Name for Your Company

Another important step in establishing a company in Dubai from India is registering a trade name for your company. Trade names with words that indicate your company’s nature is recommended as they increase your company’s significance in the industry. 


Ensure that you follow the strict naming conventions followed in the United Arab Emirates. Avoid the use of offensive and blasphemous language, terms that may offend religious sentiments, and so forth. 

3. Choose a Business Jurisdiction

The business location you choose for your company determines a lot. In addition to that, the exposure to diverse economies, infrastructure, resource availability, taxes regulations varies from one place to the next. 

After you have obtained the Ejari or tenancy contract, you can select the desired location for your business. 

4. Draft the LSA/MoA

If you are planning on registering your company on the mainland, you need to work with an LSA (local service agent). They would not intervene in any of your business decisions. They only offer assistance in applying for licenses and securing other mandatory approvals. You need not offer 51% shareholding of your business to any UAE national, even if your company is on the mainland. 


You must sign and establish the Memorandum of Association (MoA) based on your company’s model and structure. 

5. Apply for a Business License

Note that businesses on the mainland must apply to the DED (Department of Economic Development) for a license. Free zone businesses can apply to their separate authorities. In addition to that, you might need to obtain external approvals from other governing bodies after you get your business license. 

6. Apply for a Business Bank Account

After you have completed all the necessary paperwork for registering your company in Dubai from India, you will need to open a business bank account for your company. Make sure that you choose a bank that meets all the demands of your company and provides concessions and significant benefits that will assist your company in cost optimization. 

Read how to open a business bank account for entrepreneurs in the UAE.

What Is the Cost of Company Registration in Dubai?

There is no significant figure when it comes to the cost of registering a company in the UAE. This is because the cost depends on various factors which include the company location, license type, visa requirements, size of your office, and many more. 

However, Indian entrepreneurs can register their company in Dubai from India for as low as AED 20,000.

Documents Required to Register a Company in Dubai From India

  • Passport-size photographs of the company registration applicant
  • Application form
  • A copy of LSA’s Emirati ID
  • LSA and MoA documents (notarized and attested)
  • Passport copies of all the legal participants 
  • External approvals (if applicable)
  • Tourist visa of the company registration applicant
  • Ejari number of the rental space agreement/Business center sustainability contract

Benefits of Registering Your Business in Dubai

Listed below are some of the benefits of registering your business in Dubai from India


Low Taxation Policies

Personal and corporate taxes on profits earned by businesses are not a concern for business owners in Dubai. In addition to that, the low taxation policies in Dubai ensure that you get the most out of your venture without having to spend your hard-earned money on taxes. Moreover, the best part is that Dubai’s VAT rates are among the world’s lowest. 


Population Growth

Due to Dubai’s rapidly growing economy and growing population, the city has become a hotspot for new businesses and entrepreneurs. Foreign and Indian investors continue to find a home for their businesses in the city. Therefore, you need not worry about running out of clients for your business. 


Investment Security

All the laws maintained by RERA, DED, and DLD are fair, supportive, and indiscriminate towards the new investors. You need not worry about any hidden costs or charges either. Therefore, you can set up your company in the Emirates without any worries. 


Hassle-Free Visa Management

You can apply for visas for your family members, shareholders, employees, etc. by just filling out an application to the concerned government department. A few mandatory visas are granted along with the approval of your business license. 

Register Your Company in Dubai With A&A Associate

The business industry in Dubai is rising day by day and your decision to register your company in Dubai from India is the right choice! At A&A Associate, we help and guide you to find the perfect location for your dream business and help you with the mandatory paperwork. 

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