Opening a Business Bank Account in the UAE for Entrepreneurs

How Entrepreneurs Can Open a Business Bank Account in the UAE

Ample of opportunities and entrepreneur-friendly laws and regulations have already created the UAE as the benchmark for FDI.

Amendments in commercial company law with advanced infrastructure makes the UAE the most desirable business destination. Opening a business account is the most important task in the “to-do list” even before you start with any kind of business operation. Even an amateur understands the need for a business bank account. Transactions become easier through a business bank account. Credibility and visibility are the necessary attributes of a business and it gets stronger with the clients in the presence of a business bank account. Flourishing businesses also require capital and with the support of the bank, it becomes easier. The amenities offered by the bank are very supportive and add to the growth of your business.

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Business Account Requirements

There is a certain requirement to open a business bank account in the UAE. They are as simple and common as may be in your nation.

A minimum deposit is required before opening a business bank account in the banks of the UAE. This is simply to prove your existence and your longevity in the business. It will not only help to boost your credibility to the bank but also the market where you want to operate. However, different banks have different minimum limits for their customers. The nature of business and its location also accounts for the decision. In the UAE there are majorly three business zones – mainland, freezone and offshore which are important to set your minimum deposit limit.
The maintenance of an average balance is required when you operate through the business bank account. The minimum average totally depends on the bank you are dealing with. You need to check with the bank that may have an offer for a business account with no minimum balance.

For the smooth and seamless functioning of your business, you need to provide authentic details of your customers to the bank. It will not only ensure fluid transactions but also permit the bank to understand your business in a better fashion in order to assist you.

Some of the banks ask for previous or existing bank account details to authenticate your credibility and presence.

How to Open a Bank Account in the UAE?

The online business account opening in the UAE is super easy and transparent. There are some banks that are evolving fast with technology and becoming customer friendly. They even come to your doorsteps once you fill out an application form for opening an account with them. The user-friendly interface allows the customer to open an account without much travelling thereby saving time and resources.
The opening of an offline business account is not different in the process but for it, you need to visit the branch of the bank with needed documents and fill in the application form.

Required Documents for the Process

There is not much difference in the documents required for opening a bank in any of the zones in the UAE. The basic requirements remain the same such as Trade License, Memorandum of Association (MOA), Passport Visa, Visa and Emirate ID of all shareholders. Basic documents are mandatory as prescribed by the bank of a particular zone.

Required Supporting Documents

Apart from the basic documents, some supporting documents are also required and they vary from person to person on the basis of the nature of the business and also depend on the zone from where the business will operate.

The subject matter presented here is for general guidance only. Please consult a piece of expert advice for the best solutions. You can reach out to us and our team of professionals will guide and assist you through.

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