How to get a Construction License in Dubai, UAE.

How to Obtain a Construction License in Dubai, UAE

Since a long time ago, Dubai has been developing. To increase the potential for growth, the Emirate of Dubai’s ambitious governmental leadership has been implementing infrastructure improvements. Additionally, the daily influx of numerous expats seeking work and business opportunities has accelerated Dubai’s growth. Increasing the need for commercial and residential projects as a result. It can be advantageous to establish a construction company in Dubai and obtain a construction license there. The Dubai Media Office reports that in the first half of 2022, Dubai granted 45,653 new business licenses, a year-on-year increase of nearly 25%, demonstrating strong business sentiment and robust growth in the post-Covid era. This demonstrates the need for the construction industry as well.

The construction license in Dubai can provide you with a wide range of opportunities. It can assist you in breaking into the enticing field of emirate building construction. Apply through A&A Associates for the relevant license. Consider starting a construction business in Dubai. Our experts can assist you in establishing a construction business in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates so you may profit the most. To learn more about forming a construction firm in Dubai, contact us right away. Read the blog to know  How to Get a Construction Licence in Dubai, UAE.


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How Do You Establish a Construction Business in the UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, forming a construction company entails a lengthy paperwork process, contact us for hassle-free guidance and help. Furthermore, in order to operate a full-fledged construction company, you must obtain several approvals and licenses. Here is a step-by-step process to do it:

  • Choose the organization’s location and structure

The first choice to make if you want to start a construction firm in Dubai is whether to register for a mainland company or choose a free zone establishment. In the case of Mainland company formation, a license can be obtained without local as well, the only condition they should hire one skilled engineer within 6 months from the release of this trade license. Also, Dubai Municipality approval is required. Customers must obtain a separate office Ejari for conducting this kind of activity on the Mainland. On the other hand, G+1 License must have a local sponsor who is registered in the Engineer association club and contains no other similar firm under his name. However, while establishing a business in a free zone, no local sponsor is required to possess any stock in your business. You become the sole proprietor of the business. You must weigh all of the benefits and drawbacks of both options before selecting the one that is ideal for your company.


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  • Submit a license application

Free zones have their own independent governing bodies. Therefore, you must approach the relevant government if you want to apply for a construction license in the free zone. On the other hand, if you are requesting a license on the mainland, you must contact the Department of Economic Development (DED). A construction company’s legal license is within the commercial category. Additionally, certain company activities require various permits and supplementary authorization. List your activities before submitting a licensing application.

  • Obtain the construction permit

Once you have a license for your Dubai construction company, you must seek a building permit in order to be eligible for different business concessions. As a result, you should collaborate with civil engineers and business advisors who can help you get the permit. Shuraa’s business experts assist you in acquiring the same by handling all the labor-intensive tasks.

  • Obtain additional licenses and permits that are required.

A construction company in the UAE must additionally obtain additional certificates and approvals in addition to the building permit. G+1 permits are necessary for establishments in free zones, although construction licenses are available to mainland businesses. The building maintenance license, a license for steel construction contracting, and more are examples of other crucial licenses.

  • Recognize your constraints and provisions

Any company organization must abide by the laws and rules that are upheld by the government in that nation. The UAE provides cutting-edge infrastructure, forgiving tax regulations, and business-friendly policies to strengthen the working ecosystem in the nation. To make sure you do not break any rules, you must be aware of the restrictions on your construction license. To manage a hassle-free construction firm in Dubai, the business professionals in Dubai help you understand what you can do and what you should avoid.

  • Take care of visas and establish a business bank account

In Dubai, obtaining an investment visa is simple if you are a high-end investor. If not, there is no need for concern. You only need to abide by the laws that have been established for visa issuing and submit your visa application. Depending on your needs, you can get visas for your family, domestic help, and more. After everything else is completed, you can open a business account in the bank that best suits your activities and transactions for your construction company.

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Necessary Permits Needed to Launch a Construction Company in Dubai

After obtaining the required permits, you must obtain the following government approvals in order to launch a construction company:

  • The Dubai Water and Electricity Authority must approve requests before the business may obtain the necessities
  • Department of Drainage and Irrigation: This division is in charge of providing disposable services and managing liquid waste
  • The Building Department and Dubai Civil Defense Authority monitor if the construction company is adhering to the applicable construction laws

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Different Dubai Construction License Types

You can submit an application for a construction license based on your area of interest. Construction licenses come in a variety of forms and are accessible in Dubai. Depending on the license you are applying for, the procedure could change slightly.

  • License for Destroying and Demolishing

Dubai wants to continue living as a young city. It continually replaces older structures with new ones that exhibit superb design features and ultramodern construction techniques. This calls for a skilled wrecking and demolition company that can destroy and remove old buildings using contemporary techniques. So guarding against harm to any nearby buildings.

  • Contract for Steel Construction

A separate license is necessary for the steel construction portion. To start their business in the field, companies considering building prefabricated structures, such as hangars and factories, must have this license.

  • License for Building Maintenance

You need to obtain a building maintenance license if you plan to engage in building maintenance tasks including repairs, renovations, and similar tasks. Contact us to know more.


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Nothing compares to the feeling of business ownership in Dubai. Due to friendly rules and healthy competition, it is the finest location to start your ideal construction company. Moreover, with A&A Associate’s assistance, starting a business in Dubai is not difficult. Our legal consultants and advisors offer unequaled help in establishing your construction company in the UAE. We quickly complete any paperwork, business setup, A&A Associate, legal, or further approvals for you. Additionally, we take care of all of that and more at your convenience while constantly putting your budget first. Call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable advisors. Contact us at +971564086728. 

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