How to get a consultancy license in UAE

How to get a consultancy license in UAE

How to get a consultancy license in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, one prominent type of business license is for consultants. Professionals in the fields of business, accounting, marketing, and any other specialized services, etc, tend to favor it the most. Both large and small firms in the area have a high need for consulting services in the UAE. Data from the business registration and licensing division at the Department of Economy and Tourism shows that Dubai issued 72,152 new business licenses in 2021, up from 42,729 licenses the year before. According to the Dubai Media Office, Dubai awarded 45,653 new business licenses in the first half of 2022, a year-over-year increase of nearly 25%, demonstrating strong business sentiment and robust growth in the post-Covid era. This demonstrates the growing need for consulting services in Dubai

Many businesses need specialist services to boost their business expansion. In the UAE’s corporate sectors, there is a considerable demand for business advisors. They offer shrewd strategies for expanding clientele and bringing in more revenue. Employee training, IT consulting, marketing, finance, etc. are all included in the consulting license’s purview. A&A Associates is here to help you in setting up your own consultancy business. Contact us now for any details you would like to know.

Types of Consultancy Services

One of the most versatile business opportunities available to investors in the UAE is a consultancy license. A consultation business can essentially be run from any location in the world. There is a ton of room for corporate growth. One can start a firm, offering advice in a number of fields, including those listed below, with a consultant license in Dubai.

  • Educational

Candidates for educational assistance preparing to take various admission tests and assisting students in applying for higher education

  • Immigrational

Immigration advising potential immigrants on requirements, paperwork, and procedures

  • Company formation

Offering a variety of services to assist new business owners in getting started businesses and helps in getting documents required for getting a consultancy license

  • Strategy Development

Helps in goal and resource management, assists businesses in focusing on strategy, project administration, and planning, organizing, and managing firm resources on a temporary basis are all possible aspects of managing a business project.

  • Financial & investment advice

Presenting investment choices based on comprehensive market research. Also consultation regarding implementation and strategy

  • Industrial advice

Delivering solutions for shifting company needs

  • Market analysis and research

Examining the market to forecast the success of particular goods and services.  Helps in selling and marketing and Ideas for enhancing lead generation. Also in enhancing brands.

  • Taxes, accounting, and VAT

Assisting businesses in maximizing their profits while observing the laws and regulations

  • HR and recruitment

Identifying skills, hiring and training employees, creating regulations, and carrying out exit procedures

  • Operations and process management

Examining various company processes to make appropriate changes for optimization

  • Warehousing and shipping

Offering company, notably e-commerce, solutions for goods storage, pick-up, and delivery

  • Computer technology

Various forms of technical support are provided

  • Engineering

Services focused on engineering and technology

  • Legal

Providing clients with a legal education to keep them out of trouble with their actions

  • Risk management & compliances

Identifying possible risk elements and managing them effectively

Steps to Proceed

You could choose between two jurisdictions to obtain a consultancy license in the UAE. Investors can benefit from specific business opportunities in each of the business jurisdictions. UAE is the commercial epicenter and the ideal location to launch a consulting firm. Investors can simply establish a firm, expand it, and take it global. Businesses in the UAE have a vast opportunity to find new customers and business prospects. So it is advantageous for investors to start a consultancy license in the UAE’s Mainland or Free Zone. In the UAE, you must follow these steps to obtain a consulting license:

Step 1: Send your paperwork 

If accepted, it will not take more than two hours for you to have your UAE consultancy license.

Step 2: Submit an online application.

You can apply for your entry permit, which is good for up to 60 days, after registering.

Step 3: Confirming the status change

You can start the process of changing your status after you have your admission permit.

Step 4: Pass your medical examination and apply for an Emirates ID

You can sign contracts, rent a house, and create a bank account with your Emirates ID card.

Step 5: Approval of a residence visa

Documents Required for Getting Consultancy License

Giving advice is a professional activity. In Dubai’s mainland or free zone, you can therefore receive a management consultancy license. Additionally, you have the choice of obtaining a business license.

The Department of Economic Development issues the necessary permits for such businesses (DED). You must have the following documents ready in order to apply for a consultancy license in Dubai:


  • Completed application form with copies of your and your partners’ passports and visas and any required papers to support your business
  • Two passport-size photographs in color
  • You must provide copies of any specific approvals acquired from the relevant government authorities, depending on the sort of consulting firm you wish to establish
  • A single number must be given if any of your shareholders are in possession of a visitation visa

Cost of Starting a Consultancy in the UAE

In the UAE, a consultancy license costs AED 6500. Coworking areas and the lease are both included in this.

When submitting your application for your UAE consultancy license, you need also to take into account additional expenses. Contact our helpful business consultants for a quote that is precise and customized to your needs as a business.

Advantages of Starting Consultancy Services in UAE

The UAE provides a variety of advantages for consultancies, including:

  • Rapid business setup

In less than two hours, you can have your UAE consultancy license.

  • Benefits to investors

A wide range of financial advantages is available in the UAE, including no share capital requirements, 100% foreign ownership, and 100% profit repatriation.

  • Flexibility

By starting a consultancy in the UAE, you can control your own schedule and clientele while having access to a global clientele.

  • Services 

From engineering and education to tourism and transportation, there are many different industries in which you might concentrate.

  • Financial

It can be established with less money needed without sacrificing the quality of service.

  • Growth

Businesses in the incubation stage are more likely to outsource their resource management and strategy needs, therefore as a local expert, you will be best positioned to seize these chances.

Continue reading to learn how we can assist you and how you can assist others with business establishment in Dubai.


Make sure you go through the above checklist if you are wanting to launch a consultancy in Dubai to gain a better understanding of the various needs and procedures. Contact A&A Associates, the top business setup consultant in all of Dubai, if you want to speak with an expert about getting a consultancy license for your company. Our experts can help you quickly start your consulting firm by identifying all the information you need to know about obtaining a license. For more information connect with us at Book your free consultation with us to know more about the business setup to accounting, auditing, and legal services.

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