UAE – How to apply for a family visa through ICA?

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UAE – How to apply for a family visa through ICA?


Millions of workers and businessmen have made UAE as their residence to bring in further growth. It’s essential to know how to obtain a residence visa through ICA and secure your stay in the UAE. While working as a foreign national with residence visa, you’re allowed to bring your dependents to UAE through ICA approval. However, everyone cannot bring their dependents. There are certain requirements to be met while obtaining a family visa through ICA!

What are the requirements to obtain UAE visa through ICA?

To bring in your dependents or to sponsor family members to the UAE, it’s essential to fulfill the following criteria,

Professions eligible for UAE entry permit through ICA

As of 2019, there are no restrictions on professions eligible to sponsor their family members in UAE. Any professional who comply with the salary requirements are eligible to obtain ICA approved UAE family visa. If you’re a male living in UAE on a residence visa, then you can bring the following members with family visa through ICA,

Sponsor both parents unless one of them have passed away Have a deposit amount as a guarantee for each parent Essential to have the medical insurance policy for your parents You should have a monthly salary of AED 20,000 or AED 19,000 along with two-bedroom accommodation

How Woman can obtain their family residence visa through ICA?

Most of the women have a question, ‘How can I get family visa in UAE?’, because the criteria to obtain family visa for woman is simply higher than a man,

What are the documents required for UAE visa through ICA?

The documents required for UAE family visa include,

What are the steps to apply for UAE residence visa through ICA?

Usually, family visas for UAE can be sponsored by either emigrant or the employer. As a foreign resident, you must submit the visa application within 60 days of receiving your own UAE residence visa.

Initially, apply for entry permit before organizing your family members t