Everything you need to know about women entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship in UAE


When you welcome an opportunity, it leads to furthermore exciting opportunities. Today, being a woman is not a drawback to conquer the business world. Women entrepreneurship stays as a key part of the world’s economy. Especially in UAE’s economic future, women-owned business is recognized for its effective work-force and great success.


According to the recent survey in the business world, women are more likely to climb the ladder in workplace and launch their own successful businesses. They always stay as an inspiration and take advantage of the growing opportunities across a variety of industries.


Get to know some of the exciting facts about women entrepreneurship,


  • Future of our economy


According to the studies, women entrepreneurs own a quarter portion of the world’s economy. The number seems to be steadily climbing and increased by 30% since 2007. So, it’s clear that women-owned businesses are contributing to the growth of the economy. Business experts recognize women entrepreneurship as a significant way to boost economic expansion and the nation’s prosperity.


  • Better work options


Women are not restricted to a single business idea. It’s the golden age for female entrepreneurs with plenty of business opportunities. The market conditions are pretty safe and exciting for women to jump into the world of business and create a winning trifecta. Women are not restricted to beauty, fashion, and cosmetics, but, there are huge work options with low investment and huge returns. The future stays bright for women entrepreneurs who are looking to fund their million-dollar ideas!


  • Women-led companies are capital efficient


Women entrepreneurship has demonstrated that female-led businesses are more capital efficient achieving up to 35 percent higher ROI. Women lead companies have boasted high rates of venture capital deals and so, investors are more than willing to fund a female-led tech company. According to recent studies, encouraging number of women entrepreneurs stay as a competition to the mostly-male dominated industry.


  • Get support from various government initiatives


The Dubai and UAE government directly address gender equality in the workforce. The government has sustainable goals and support women who work hard for their business idea. The government takes initiative in supporting women-owned businesses and starts investigating their requirements to achieve success.


Women entrepreneurship in Dubai is simple with the help of Dubai Business Women council. It’s originally part of the Dubai chamber of Commerce and Industry. It’s a non-profit organization that provides training, education, and funding opportunities for UAE-based businesswomen.


  • Women are better leaders in business


Statistics show that women are better leaders than men! At every level, women entrepreneurs are rated by their bosses, direct reports, peers, and other associates that stay better than me. Women exhibit outstanding leadership traits, driving in huge ROI.


Women entrepreneurship not just allows them to handle the spotlight, instead excel in peculiar leadership roles. UAE business environment is committed to drive business equality. So, the emirates work hard to create a comfortable space for female entrepreneurs.


Have the right drive, vision, and ambition to succeed in this male-oriented world. Gender is not a necessary criterion to achieve big in the entrepreneurial world. Get rewarded based on your skills, women entrepreneurship avails a great deal of support at the government level and other business organization levels. Pick out the best business idea, ensure rapid growth with dynamic leadership, and get recognized on a global scale!


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