How to start gaming business in the UAE?

Gaming is a trending sector with innovative ideas to conquer the audience! The Middle East has one of the biggest e-gaming markets and gaming business in UAE has realized the potential of industry specialists who flock into this sector. Business setup in UAE has opened up several opportunities for foreign investors and others who are flocking to the country for registering their gaming companies. 

Gaming industry UAE or Dubai provides an excellent platform for easy incorporation of gaming companies with the support of experienced business setup consultancies. The tech-savvy generation with high-internet and presence of youthful population make the gaming companies as a lucrative prospect for foreign investors. 

What is the scope of starting a gaming business in UAE?

UAE is a perfect space for investors to start their gaming venture. Some of the top reasons to consider UAE, 

Gaming business free zone allows investors to enjoy the benefits of 100% ownership and repatriation of capital. Free zones provide a luxury space for your gaming venture with plenty of attractive amenities. If you have completed legal work, then without much delay you can start your gaming business in Dubai or anywhere in UAE. 

While involving in UAE or Dubai business setup, the investors should determine the following things, 

Type of gaming business

Choose the business type to determine the required license. The license types include professional license, commercial license, and industrial license. Gaming business in UAE can be a gaming studio where people come to play or alternatively set up a shop where consumers purchase games directly. 

Name the business

Before naming your business, check for the rules and regulations present on the DEDs website. Even for making the trade name, read the guidelines on DED website and make the perfect name choice. In case of not following the rules and regulations, license proceedings may be halted!

Getting the license

Gaming business free zone license will allow you to set up a shop or any gaming related service in the commercial sector of the country. 

While starting your gaming business in Dubai free zone, find your own place in one of the 50 trade zones in the city. Some of the benefits include, 

Ownership of the business

Before setting up gaming industry in UAE, understand the ownership standards! If you get a license in the free zone, then it assures 100% ownership of business. Apart from free zone, you should have 51% share in your business. 

Find the right space

UAE business setup allows you to look for perfect work place! Free zones have many places to setup your shop. After setting the shop, arrange for the internet facilities, electricity connection, and other amenities. Before hiring your employees, look for the rules and regulations on DED website. 

How A & A associates support your gaming business in UAE?

Our company has a prominent place in providing easy and simplest business setup solutions in UAE! The young and crazy gaming population allows foreign investors a lucrative opportunity to start their gaming industry UAE

We complete your paperwork and create a framework to make the incorporation process easier! UAE business setup is quiet easier, providing an exciting business destination for investors. 

Our vibrant team is familiar with every law and jurisdiction that government of UAE allows for business setup and form a proper structure to execute your business idea that actually sells. 

So, while starting your gaming business in UAE, make sure to choose the right business setup consultants who support your venture with great commitment!

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