How to Get UAE Citizenship

How to Get UAE Citizenship

One of the most desirable Middle Eastern nations for ex-pats to relocate to is the UAE. Those who are interested in working and launching a business in the UAE choose Dubai over the other Emirates by a considerable margin. This is one of the primary explanations for why many people debate immigration in terms of Dubai citizenship rather than UAE citizenship. Aside from living in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, having citizenship in Dubai provides several advantages like a low-cost business setup in Dubai. Here, A&A Associate provides you with a comprehensive guide on this. For hassle-free help, please contact us for more information.


Foreign investors always want UAE citizenship because one of the most alluring investment locations in the UAE is Dubai, where international business people can apply for a 5- or 10-year residence permit before becoming citizens. The minimum investment amount in the first scenario is 5 million AED, while the minimum investment amount in the second situation is 10 million AED. The options for investing come in a variety of shapes, including buying real estate, making a bank deposit, launching a new company, and forming a partnership. Even though up until recently complete ownership of a firm was one of the perks of Dubai citizenship, the Company Law has just been changed, making full foreign ownership of a business conceivable. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want further details on this, we are company formation consultants in Dubai.


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Who Is Eligible to Apply for Dubai Citizenship Under the New Regulations?

According to the most recent modifications in the law, the following immigrant groups can be eligible for citizenship in the United Arab Emirates under the most recent Dubai citizenship rules:


  • Foreign investors
  • Experts in a variety of disciplines
  • Physicians and scientists
  • Intellectuals and inventors
  • Individuals with a creative flair

Like before, foreign citizens who marry UAE nationals are another group of individuals who can obtain UAE citizenship.


If you are interested in immigrating to the United Arab Emirates and need to know the regulations that apply based on your home country, our organization is here to help. We can offer advice on how to apply for citizenship in the UAE.


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Eligibility Requirements for Foreigners Seeking Citizenship in the UAE


Foreign nationals who apply for citizenship in Dubai under the categories recognized by the government must also fulfill certain requirements. For instance, to invest in Dubai, a person must first own real estate there. Fortunately, there are many properties available for purchase in the Emirate, and our attorneys can assist you in doing so.


More rigorous conditions must be met for medical personnel who want to apply for UAE citizenship. Doctors and other medical professionals must be specialists in an area that is in demand in the UAE and have at least 10 years of experience. In addition to these, one must also be a member of particular associations related to their area of expertise.


Scientists are welcome to apply for citizenship in Dubai as long as they meet certain criteria, such as being employed as active researchers in academic institutions, research facilities, or private businesses. One of the qualifications for UAE citizenship is having 10 years of experience in their field. Additionally, they must provide a letter of recommendation from a recognized UAE institution. Inventors, who must hold one or more acknowledged national or international patents, are one of the unique groups of scientists.


Innovators in the field of art or culture who have won at least one major international prize, creatives, artists, and other intellectuals are eligible to immigrate to Dubai and petition for citizenship. A letter of recommendation from a respected authority is needed.


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Are There Any Additional Prerequisites for Citizenship in Dubai?


Those who are approved under the new regulations must follow a few procedures, including:


  • They are required to swear loyalty to the UAE
  • They must also promise to uphold the laws of this nation
  • If they give up or lose their other citizenships, they must notify the UAE authorities


This latter condition has lately been possible because Dubai recognizes dual citizenship, particularly for international investors entering the nation.


Benefits Of Being A UAE citizenship


A number of advantages come with becoming a citizen of Dubai, the most significant of which are:

  • Ability to keep a previous passport even though it is not accepted in any country
  • Travel to at least 167 countries without a visa (one of the largest numbers in the world)
  • There are no personal income taxes to pay or tax returns to file for private individuals
  • Possibility of opening a business in Dubai and purchasing real estate
  • UAE dual citizenship is also allowed under the new law


One of Dubai’s unique characteristics is that about 90% of its residents are foreigners, many of whom work for local businesses. This is why finding a job is a terrific approach to moving here and applying for citizenship as a skilled specialist if you wish to reside here.


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Tax Implication of UAE Citizenship


The tax system—or rather, lack of a tax system—in the United Arab Emirates is one of the primary factors in the decision of many ex-pats to live there. There is no system for company or inheritance taxes, for example, and emcees do not pay income tax.


Income tax is not levied in the UAE. An income tax return is not necessary because there is no applicable individual tax in the UAE. Residents of the UAE who work for themselves or as independent contractors are likewise subject to the same regulations. In the United Arab Emirates, double taxation agreements are in place with more than 130 nations.


A&A Associate can assist foreign investors who meet the minimum investment requirements in applying for citizenship in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Outside the realm of investment, we can also provide advice on additional UAE citizenship criteria. For comprehensive details on Dubai and UAE citizenship, including its rules and requirements, feel free to contact our firm. Additionally, we can assist you in creating the appropriate paperwork for smooth immigration. Our knowledgeable staff can provide a detailed explanation of the requirements for ex-pat citizenship in the UAE, as well as we provide accounting, auditing, and legal services. You can get in touch with us at +971564086728 or [email protected]. We are leading business setup consultants in Dubai and we offer from business planning to business restructuring services in Dubai

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