How to Open and Setup a Business in the UAE

How to Open and Setup a Business in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates is a great place to do business. Dubai in particular offers immense scope for growth and business opportunity, but this is not to say that the other emirates are far behind. Abu Dhabi is the place where multi-million dollar business deals are often struck, while Sharjah, which is only 20 minutes from Dubai, offers lower startup costs. Ajman is one of the most popular places for low-cost business setup, while Ras Al Khaimah offers a host of tax advantages. Fujairah is slowly attracting creative entrepreneurs to the region.

This is why you should get yourself a business setup consultant, who can advise you on the best location for your business. There is more than one location within an emirate. For instance, if you were looking to start doing business in Dubai, someone well-versed in the art of company registration in Dubai would tell you that you could establish your company on the mainland, in a free zone, or offshore.

Out of around 45 free zones in the UAE, some 30 of them are in Dubai alone.

There is a dedicated free zone for just about every type of business activity. If you wanted to set up an interior design firm, there is the Dubai Design District, commonly abbreviated as D3. You will be in very good company, being surrounded by your peers in the industry and having the opportunity to collaborate on design projects. If you are thinking competition, there is room for everybody to grow in Dubai. Just like everywhere else in the United Arab Emirates. Despite the United Arab Emirates being just about 50 years old, Dubai is now a financial powerhouse at par with the likes of London and New York, both of which have centuries of history associated with them.

But not every company is best-suited for establishment in a free zone. Some might find it more advantageous to be located on the mainland. An advertising company located in Business Bay, Dubai might find it easier to meet clients than if it were in a free zone. It would also be easier for clients to drop in for creative discussions. But for a holding company which witnesses international transactions, being offshore would be a better option. There is no best location for any small business enterprise, but there can be a right location for every business establishment. And this is where a business setup consultant can be of assistance.

If the mainland is the right location for you, the right business setup consultant can bank on his/her knowledge to tell you where exactly on the mainland you should be located, and also of affordable options to set up your company. He/She would gently advise you that it would be a good idea to have a business plan, which outlines your proposed business operations, your sales channels, and your projected earnings. Not that everything can be expected to go according to plan, but if something unexpected happens, you can quickly make minor adjustments to get back on track.

If you are unsure of the market demand for your product or service, you can commission a feasibility study that will throw more light on the market as well as the competition. This way, you can make up your mind better as to whether you should go ahead with your plans or not. Or make the necessary changes to your business plan. Sometimes, the market might be bigger than you expected. If it is smaller than what you thought it would be, you can still evaluate whether you should go ahead with establishing your company. You will have saved yourself a lot of time and money that would otherwise have had to be written off as losses.

A good business setup consultant does more than provide you with a feasibility study when starting your small business. He/She will continue to support you, such as by offering cost-effective bookkeeping, accounting and audit solutions for your company, as well as legal support. He/She will offer you help procuring visas for yourself and your staff, as well as your family. He/She can be counted on help you renew your Business License at the end of the year.

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At A&A Associate LLC, we have years of experience helping establish small companies in the United Arab Emirates. We routinely lend our world-class expertise to offshore company formation as well, so we are consulted on matters pertaining to Cayman Islands offshore company formation, British Virgin Islands offshore company formation, and Mauritius offshore company formation in UAE.

Every client is important to us. We have a 98% client satisfaction rate so far, and the aim is to do even better. We take special pride in the fact that we have been of help to clients from 100 countries around the world to date, and we hope to continue being of assistance to others as well.  We can help you realize your dream of opening a small business in the United Arab Emirates.

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