How Can I Renew My Trade License Online in the UAE?

How Can I Renew My Trade License Online in the UAE?

How Can I Renew My Trade License Online in the UAE?

Renewal of trade license is essential in every trade and every region. The duration however matters from place to place and nation to nation. In the UAE, there is a provision for the annual renewal of trade licenses. For varying activities, there are well-designated authorities in the UAE. DED license in Dubai is responsible for taking care of this aspect of the business. 

DED maintains a database and notifies the customer through SMS for renewal of trade license before expiry. So, you need not worry as to how to check trade licenses online?
If someone forgets to renew the license then there are penalties underlined for it. Your business can even be banned or you may have to bear some other serious consequences for being forgetful or being a procrastinator.
Although the renewing process is simple and well defined it does involve documentation and submission of papers pertaining to it. Do not forget that trading in the UAE does not authorize you as an owner of the property on which you are trading. You are only entitled to trade for the activities for which you possess legal permission.

Timeline: 30 Days Before Expiry

The proactive measure is adopted by DED to remind you about the renewal date and you are expected to complete the process before 30 days of the expiration.
You can select automatic renewal through SMS: When you receive or send a text to the number 6969 for renewal. Then you can simply pay the fees online by navigating through the payment link.
Get your license renewed via any of the service centres of the DED.
Visit any of the listed service centers of the DED Correspond through the mail and send all required documents etc.
Pay through the available payment channels.
Collect the renewed trade license.
Another option available for renewal of trade license is
Visit the site and click on the drop-down menu business support and then on renew license.
Fill in the license number/trade number, email address and phone number. Send the data by clicking on “submit”.

Prepare a Checklist of Documents Required

A&A Associate LLC is a business setup consultant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates help you in all documentation and paperworks. Apart from trading in the mainland, every freezone has its own rules and regulations depending upon the business activities permitted in the particular circumference. The most five important documents that you should have:

All the documents are mandatory for the process of renewal of the license and must be submitted to the DED. For all your needs pertaining to business setup in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates, get in touch with A&A Associate LLC.

If you Fail to Renew Your Trade License

As you must have understood the importance of a trade license in the UAE. Trade license has to be renewed annually for carrying out smooth business activities. If you procrastinate the process then you will have to bear serious consequences.

Fines and Penalties:

You will be liable for penalties by the DED. A fine of AED 5,000 can be levied on the business company that operates without the renewal of the trade license. A monthly fine of AED 250 per month can be imposed on traders who trade even after the expiry of the license.

Business can be Blacklisted:

Companies that do not abide by the rule of the DED and do not complete the legal formalities on time have the risk of getting blacklisted. This casts a negative impact on the business and also creates unnecessary stress.

The Company gets Banned:

Trading with an expired or invalid trade license is a serious offence in the UAE. The DED can terminate or ban your entire business activities for the long term or maybe forever depending upon the seriousness of the situation.

There are plenty of eminent and reliable business consultants available in the UAE and you can select the one which complies with your requirement. For any queries, you can always contact us and go through the series of blogs on our site for general guidance.

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