Business Setup in Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

Guide to Business Setup in Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

Established in 2017 through the consolidation of the RAK Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) and the RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA), the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) stands as a leading facilitator for business establishment and growth in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This strategic merger streamlined company registration processes and expanded the available industry scope, presenting a wealth of opportunities for ambitious investors.


With the UAE’s corporate outlook predicting continued economic growth in the next few years, RAKEZ provides an ideal opportunity to capitalize on this potential. Its vast spectrum of firm structures and specialized zones meet a wide range of needs, from thriving commercial activity in the RAKEZ Business Zone to concentrated industrial expertise in Al Hamra, Al Ghail, and Al Hulaila. Even academic institutions can thrive in the RAKEZ Academic Zone. While geopolitical and global economic swings provide some hurdles, RAKEZ’s strong infrastructure and tax-free environment provide a secure and beneficial foundation for corporate growth. Businesses setup in Dubai can leverage RAKEZ’s strategic location and investor-friendly policies to establish a strong presence in the region. Let us therefore delve deeply into comprehending the RAKEZ Free Zone in the UAE.

With the UAE’s business outlook projecting continued economic expansion in the coming years, RAKEZ offers a prime positioning to capitalize on this potential. Its diverse range of company structures and specialized zones cater to a variety of needs, from bustling commercial activity in the RAKEZ Business Zone to focused industrial expertise in Al Hamra, Al Ghail, and Al Hulaila. Even academic institutions can flourish within the RAKEZ Academic Zone. While geopolitical and global economic fluctuations present certain challenges, RAKEZ’s robust infrastructure and tax-free environment provide a stable and advantageous platform for business success. Let us, therefore, dive deep into understanding the RAKEZ Free zone in the UAE. 

Understanding RAKEZ in the UAE entails understanding its function as a conduit of international business. It offers a cost-effective platform with streamlined processes for company establishment, visa application, and operational support. This makes it an appealing choice for startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses alike.

Understanding RAKEZ in UAE

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is a government-driven economic zone established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to attract foreign investment and businesses. It provides a cost-effective and streamlined environment for companies to set up and operate, making it an attractive option for those seeking to expand their reach in the Middle East and beyond. Formed in 2017 through the consolidation of several RAK Free zones, RAKEZ offers a wider range of services and facilities under one roof. This merger aimed to simplify the business setup process and cater to more diverse industries. Today, it boasts over 13,000 registered clients, representing sectors like trading, manufacturing, and technology.


Understanding RAKEZ in the UAE involves recognizing its role as a facilitator for international businesses. It provides a cost-competitive platform with efficient processes for company formation, visa acquisition, and operational support. This makes it an attractive option for startups, entrepreneurs, and established companies alike.

Features and Opportunities in RAKEZ

Established in 2000, RAKEZ has evolved into a dynamic business and industrial destination, attracting over 12,000 companies from 100 countries. Moreover, its appeal lies in a unique blend of features and opportunities:


  • Tailored Solutions

RAKEZ caters to diverse needs, offering both free zone and non-free zone options across 50+ sectors. Businesses can choose packages that perfectly align with their industry and growth aspirations.


  • Strategic Advantage

The location is key. RAKEZ bridges the gap between investors and lucrative markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and South/Central Asia, fostering regional and international connections.


  • Cost-Effectiveness

Streamlined processes, competitive operational costs, and efficient business setup procedures make RAKEZ an attractive choice for businesses seeking an economical springboard.


  • Investor-Friendly Environment

RAKEZ provides a conducive environment with investor-friendly policies, facilitating smooth company formation, and supporting businesses at every stage of their development.


  • Proximity to Global Markets

The proximity of RAKEZ to key markets enhances the competitiveness of businesses, enabling them to capitalize on trade opportunities and expand their reach internationally.

Benefits of Establishing a Business in RAKEZ

Setting up a business in RAKEZ gives many benefits, creating a fertile ground for your venture to flourish. Here are some key advantages:


  • Tax Haven

RAKEZ operates under a zero-tax regime, exempting companies from corporate and personal income taxes. As a result, this translates to significant cost savings and higher profit margins.


  • Unrestricted Ownership

Enjoy complete control over your business with 100% foreign ownership permitted. Additionally, you benefit from full profit repatriation, ensuring unhindered capital flow.


  • Trade Facilitation

Streamline your import and export operations with complete exemption from import and export duties within the free zone. This fosters efficient international trade and reduces overall costs.


  • Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to other free zones, RAKEZ offers competitive operational costs, including flexible setup packages and business-friendly regulations. Moreover, this makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious businesses.


  • Transparency and Flexibility

RAKEZ’s legal framework is known for its clarity and adaptability. This allows for a smooth business setup process and facilitates quick decision-making.

Procedures for Business Setup in RAKEZ

Document Requirements:

  • Choosing the Right Business

At A&A, we understand that selecting the appropriate business is crucial for growth. RAKEZ offers a diverse range of business licenses and facilities tailored to various industries. Therefore, it becomes essential to align the chosen business with the available licenses and facilities to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and operational needs.


  • Submission of Application and Documents

  • Document Requirements: Applicants need to submit a comprehensive set of documents. These documents typically include:
    • Completed applications
    • Passport copies
    • Visa copies
    • Educational and experience certificates (if applicable)
    • A detailed business plan outlining operations and financial projections.
  • Compliance with DED: Compliance with the Department of Economic Development (DED) regulations is vital. Ensuring all documents meet the specified criteria is critical for a smooth application process.
  • Receiving Your Business License

Upon successful submission and review of documents, the final step involves obtaining the business license. This license grants legal permission to operate within RAKEZ. However, it is important to note that the license type varies based on the nature of the business.

We at A&A Associates play a crucial role in assisting businesses in their RAKEZ setup. Formerly known as BMS Auditing, we specialize in providing comprehensive business solutions, including company formation, auditing, and advisory services. At A&A Associates, we can guide entrepreneurs through the entire process, offering expertise on legal and financial matters, and ensuring a smooth and compliant establishment of businesses in RAKEZ. Our support extends to navigating regulatory requirements, optimizing business plans, and facilitating seamless communication with relevant authorities.

In conclusion, the business setup process in RAKEZ involves careful consideration of the business type, meticulous documentation, adherence to regulations, and obtaining the business license. A&A Associate’s expertise adds significant value, offering comprehensive support to entrepreneurs seeking to establish and thrive within this business environment of RAKEZ. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us and get a free consultation.

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